Instagram Art

Instagram is like the most popular photo-sharing app around. When people think about Social Media, they think Facebook and Twitter then Instagram comes along.

However, in my interaction with the app and with other users of the app, there are five(5) things that I’m sure most users of the app if not all would love to see added to the app, and I have highlighted them all here.

1. A proper video player: I’m still yet to come to terms with the fact that whenever I’m watching a video on the Instagram app, the only thing I can do is to either Mute/Unmute the video. Even if the videos are restricted by length (60 seconds I think), a proper video player is still needed, that would at least allow me to pause / play the video and would also let me know the actual length of the video.

2. Ability to swipe from one photo to another: If you open the profile of any Instagram user, it shows a list of thumbnails of the person’s posts in a grid, and then when you tap on any of the photos, it opens a larger version of the photo. However, you can’t swipe left or right to be able to move to the next photo or the previous one. You just have to press the back button to go back to the grid and select another photo. Why they would decide to leave the design of the app like that is something I can still not fathom.

3. Links in post: When you upload a photo to Instagram and you add a write-up to it that contains a link, the link is treated as ordinary text and not a link, so it’s not clickable. I understand that this may be in a bid to fight spammers, but there are also loads of other people that want to use this feature in a proper way, but unfortunately, it’s not available to anyone.

4. View a large version of  a person’s profile pix: As of today, you can’t tap a person’s profile picture on Instagram to view a larger version of the photo. This should be like the norm. It’s available on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a number of other social networks. The reason for doing this is best known to the owners of the app.

5. I want to know if someone is following me or not: If you check the list of those that you are following or a list of those that another user is following or are following him/her, you would discover that there’s nothing indicating  if a person is following you or not. Even when you tap the person’s photo to go to his/her profile, there is still no way to tell. I believe it would make a whole lot of sense, if a text that says “Follows you too” or something similar is displayed on the profile page of a user that is following me.

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