Spectranet LTE internet service provider has increased the data allocation for its various data plans, while scrapping the erstwhile data plan with the lowest price of three thousand naira (₦3,000).

This would be the second time in this year that Spectranet would be reviewing the price of their data plans after they introduced unified data plans earlier in the year, which cancelled out the initial situation in which subscribers in different states of the federation have different plans with different data allocation and prices.

The competition in the data market is getting stiffer by the day as all the GSM operators have lowered the prices of purchasing data from them. This must have forced the hand of Spectranet to also make changes and give more to their subscribers. The difference is not that big anyway, but it’s good to have a bit more data. I use the ten thousand naira (₦10,000) plan, which initially comes with 20GB of data and free browsing between 1a.m. and 7a.m. However, that same ten thousand naira (₦10,000) plan now comes with 5GB more, which now makes it 25GB of data, valid for thirty (30) days.

The table below shows their current plans and the allocated data

Plan Name Plan Cost Plan/Data Additional Bonus Validity Access
Unified Value 7GB N5,000 7GB Nil Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Value 15GB N7,000 15GB Nil Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Value 25GB N10,000 25GB *Free Unlimited Night browsing Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Value 55GB N20,000 55GB *Free Unlimited Night browsing Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Value 110GB N40,000 110GB *Free Unlimited Night browsing Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Value 200GB N70,000 200GB *Free Unlimited Night browsing Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Nite Value 20GB N7,500 20GB Nil Monthly 7pm – 7am
Unified Nite Value 40GB N11,000 40GB Nil Monthly 7pm – 7am
*Free Unlimited Night browsing between 1am – 7am
*All Nite Plans have 24 hours access on weekend and Public Holidays
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