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If you run a Facebook page for your business, then you will probably know how important it is having more likes on your page. If you follow these 10 tips, I can guarantee you a healthy page growth.

1.) Make it Professional : Appearance really matters and that’s why making a good professional page is the best tip you will get. People tend to like pages that have  a good look and since it’s a business page, it should have the aesthetics. This will make your page attractive to your fans and it can boost your business image

2.) Select a Good Page Photo : Getting a page with a good display photo will be a boost for your business. A good page should have a photo that best describes the intent of your page. As a rule, never use low quality photos of any kind!

3.) Create a Page That Serves People’s Need : It should be for a purpose, and the best purpose is meeting your customers needs. When you have this in mind, followers will come organically.
Give them a reason to like your brand!

4.) Create a Description : When I visit a page, the first thing I look for is the page description. It tips your potential fans on what you’re about. Thus, for proper growth , a good description is necessary.

5.) Update on a Regular Basis : Frequent update on a quotidian basis shows your fans that you’re serious about your page. They will keep sharing your page posts and they will even invite their friends.
Just imagine a page that has not been updated in months, even you will not like such a page, will you?

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