The current state of unreliable power supply and exorbitant cost of PMS for running mechanical electricity generating sets has become almost impossible without drilling holes in ones pocket; aside the level of pollution and cost of maintenance. This has made alternate power generation uneconomical and has made the need to tap into zero maintenance renewable energy sources more important now than ever.

Currently, the devices to tap into the most abundant renewable energy source in the environment and energy efficient appliances are at the best ever; this therefore makes the generation of power through renewable sources very effective.

The unit is safe for the environment because it is renewable, noiseless and doesn’t release any toxic compounds as a result of combustion. It doesn’t require the regular purchase of fuel as the panels charge the battery every time there is sunlight and can power devices concurrently, therefore making it very cheap with just the purchase investment till the batteries are to be replaced after a minimum 3 years of use while the panels last for as long as 25 years.

The panels generate DC electricity to be stored in batteries and converted by an AC-DC inverter into AC for use by household devices.

I am talking about solar-powered inverters that would continually supply power to your household whether PHCN (Power Holding Company of Nigeria) supplies power to you or not. The days of spending millions of Naira to get it installed in your household are long-gone as it’s much cheaper to put it in place now.

If you are tired of

  • irregular or no power supply from PHCN
  • spending tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Naira on fuelling your power-generating set
  • the smoke from your power-generating set polluting the air
  • the noise from your power-generating set

then this is for you. All you have to do is call us today. We would be available to analyse your power needs and provide a solution for you at a cheap cost. You can reach us through any of the following means:

PHONE: 08077631013

WHATSAPP: 08077631013


BBM PIN: 55bfcb8a


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