Google Home - Artificial Intelligence Device

Google Home is a small speaker that you can converse with in natural language and can be used to control all the smart devices in your home from lights, to TVs, speakers and lots more.

The device uses Google Assistant, which therefore gives you the whole power of Google in a small box on your table in the house. It can let you search the web, play music, set reminders on your phone, send a message to someone, manage a dinner booking and lots more all by simply speaking to it.

It’s one of the new announcements made in Google I/O 2016.

How to Watch Google I/O 2016 Live Online

When Google Home does a Google search it does so intuitively as it’s able to remember what you said before and be able to relate it to a new search that you are carrying out. For example, you can ask it “In which country is the tallest building in the world?” and when it answers you by saying “United Arab Emirates”, you can ask it next “What is the capital of that country?” and it would be able to answer you by saying “Abu Dhabi“.

You make use of Google Home by simply talking to it or better put, by having a conversation with it. It is artificial intelligence in a box at its best as it continues to learn more about you as you use it and would be able to serve you better. You can for example tell it to “Switch on the lights in Jake’s room“, “Play Michael Jackson’s Heal The World”, and then tell it next to “Play it on the speaker in Jake’s room” and so on.

It’s an exciting little device that is though not yet available commercially, but promises lots of things that lots of people would be looking forward to have in their home. It would however require having lots of smart devices in the house for Google Home to be able to control it and of course power supply, which is presently a luxury in Nigeria. Well, Google Home is an exciting device and I would hope to own one myself and enjoy its offerings.

This is a video that demonstrates a typical use-case of Google Home.

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