Etisalat has now introduced cheaper data plans, which would obviously make life easier and more enjoyable for their subscribers.

With the continued proliferation of smart phones into the Nigerian market and most of the developing world in general, the hunger and need for data has been on the increase. You now find out that the old generation that were erstwhile used to Nokia 3310 and co are now making use of touch-screen smartphones and now paying for data subscription as well just to be able to keep up with what’s happening on social media, reading newspaper online and also catching some fun online as well.

There has been a clamour for data subscription prices to be reduced and different network providers have been heeding this call. This move by Etisalat to provide cheaper data subscription would also put them in good stead to be able to compete with their fellow providers when it comes to pricing their data subscription.

If you are already an Etisalat subscriber or planning to become one or may be you are already on the network, but not using their data service, then you don’t have to worry anymore as the data allowance of their different plans have been increased by as much as 75%. For example, the plan that costs two thousand naira (₦2,000) use to come with only 2GB data. However, that has taken a 75% jump from 2GB to 3.5GB. Similar increment went across board and there’s been a positive change on all their data plans.

Check the table below to get full details about their new data plans.

1.5GB 1,000 *229*2*7# AND1 30 days
3.5GB 2,000 *229*2*8# AND2 30 days
8GB 8,000 *229*2*5# MB6 30 days
10GB 10,000 *229*4*1# SM1 30 days
15GB 15,000 *229*4*2# SM2 30 days
20GB 18,000 *229*4*3# SM3 30 days
Please note that for 30 day plans, auto-renewal & data rollover applies. These bundles are not applicable while roaming.
Daily 10MB 50 *229*3*8# MI3 24 hours
Daily 20MB 100 *229*3*1# MI1 24 hours
Quaterly Plan (30GB) 27,500 *229*5*1# 4M 90 days
Bi-Annual Plan (60GB) 55,000 *229*5*2# 6M 120 days
100GB Plan 84,992 *229*4*5# SM5 30 days
Annual Plan (120GB) 110,000 *229*5*3# 12M 365 days
1GB (Weekend Plan) 500 *5995*2# Friday 11:59pm – Sunday 11:59pm
Please note that auto-renewal applies. To stop auto-renewal, dial *229*0#. Rollover applies when you purchase same bundle (daily, monthly, quarterly. bi-annual and annual).

So, if you are already on the Etisalat network and making use of their data services, it is time for you to enjoy higher data allowances on your subscription and if you are not already on it, now is the time to jump in and get value for your money.

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