Google I/O 2016
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Google I/O 2016 is currently underway and attendees or those viewing the event Live online have already seen what Google has been up to in the last one (1) year.

They have made a number of announcements and demonstrated new products and improvements coming to different Google technologies. From what has happened so far at the event, these are eight (8) major announcements that Google has made at the event.

  1. Google Assistant would let you talk to Google as if it was your own assistant: It leverages the power of Artifical Intelligence and Google search to bring a powerful product to the consumer and lets you speak to it using a natural language. Not just speaking to it, you actually engage in a conversation with it as it responds to your query in natural language just like you spoke to it.
  2. The arrival of Google Home: This rides on the power of Google Assistant and is like having the whole of Google in a box sitting on your table and being able to control all the devices in your home just by you conversing with it.
  3. A new intelligent messaging app called Allo: This is a messaging app that separates itself from the crowd by adding artificial intelligence to the way it works. It learns and understands how you textually converse with others and it gets itself involved in your conversation (with your permission though) by suggesting full sentences to you when chatting with someone on the app. It can also check an image sent to you by someone and understand what is in it and be able to suggest what to send as response to the sender. It also allows you to scribble on images sent to you via the app and send back.
  4. A video-calling app called Duo: This is more like Apple’s FaceTime app for video calling. It however takes things to another level by showing you a video preview of the caller (a feature called Knock Knock by Google) before you pick up the call.
  5. New features for the next version of Android – Android N.
  6. A new Virtual Reality platform called Day-Dream: In the next version of Android, Google would be introducing what is called a VR mode so that your phone would become a full virtual reality equipment and you would be able to enjoy VR on your phone with the Day-Dream platform. A VR head-gear is coming as well to make enjoying VR on your phone seamless.
  7. Android Instant Apps: This lets you make use of apps without ever downloading them. It helps you do a quick setup of the app in the cloud and you can use it as if it’s installed on your phone even though it’s not.
  8. The next generation of Android Wear – 2.0

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