Facebook-Adsense Advert Campaign Strategy

Bloggers write posts and then drive traffic to the posts through both organic and paid means, Facebook advert being one of the paid means. We also try to monetize the traffic from the advert campaign through Google Adsense and other means. However, there are times that one won’t just get the expected Return On Investment (ROI). There are times one may not even break-even at all not to talk of making a profit and of course, there are times you smile to the bank.

This post is however about the bad days that you spend X amount of dollars to advertise your post and after the ad has ran for hours, you are yet to even make 20% of your initial investment. In cases like this, the first knee-jack reaction is to cancel the advert that you are running “with vex“. However, simply cancelling it won’t just cut it. There are things you have to check first to pin-point where the problem is and a little tweaking here and there may turn the bad situation around for good.

Now assuming you are using Facebook ads to drive traffic to a particular post and your means of monetization is Google Adsense, then these are the things you should do.

  1. Don’t just look at your adsense dashboard only to judge that the ad is not performing because you are not getting enough ROI.
  2. First of all check the stats of your Facebook ads and that of the URL shortener (eg. bit.ly or goo.gl) that you used to shorten the URL (if you used one) to know the number of people that clicked your ad to go to your blog in the first place.
  3. Now, check the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of the FB ad to know how much people are responding to your ad. In my own opinion, If the CTR is >= 10% then it’s performing well, 5% – 10% is fair while less than 5% is not so good. This is a matter of opinion though and it also depends on the kind of post that is being advertised. Entertainment posts tend to get higher CTRs.
  4. Now check the CTR and Cost-Per-Click on your Adsense dashboard to know how well people are clicking the Google ads appearing on your site and how much you are earning for each click. Check the “Active View Viewable” metric as well to know how much they are even seeing the ad because if people are not seeing your ads, then there’s no way they are going to click it, and if the ads are not being clicked, you won’t be making a dime.

What steps 2 and 3 would let you know: These 2 steps would let you know whether people are responding to your ad on Facebook or not. If your ad is not reaching enough people, then it is very much likely that the budget that you set is too small for the countries / cities that you are targeting.

However, if your ad is enjoying a fairly good reach, but it’s not being clicked by those seeing it, that is, if the CTR is low, then it is likely because of one or a combination of the reasons below

  • The post title is not captivating enough.
  • The post image is not captivating enough.
  • You are targeting the wrong countries / cities.
  • You are targeting the wrong age range.
  • You are targeting the wrong interests.

If you are able to identify a problem with either of these steps, then your adjustment work starts from there.

What step 4 would let you know: This step would tell you the number of people that are clicking your Google ads and what you are earning per click. If the CTR is too low here then it may be due to any of the following reasons

  • If your ads are not placed at strategic places then visitors may not be seeing the ad at all. (The Active View Viewable – AVV) would let you know this.
  • Your site may be loading too slowly, so before the ads load, visitors have already seen what they came to see on your blog and they have left.
  • Your traffic may be coming from countries where a very large percentage of the visitors are using browsers like Opera mini or UC mini browser, which doesn’t show a large percentage of ads. You may need to integrate Google Analytics to your blog and find out if this point is true for your blog.

If your CPC is low, then it could be that

  • The keywords on that post are not the high-paying ones or there are no keywords at all.
  • You are targeting countries where the advertisers don’t pay much, therefore the CPC would be low.

In conclusion, it is not your Adsense dashboard that would tell you when an advert campaign that you are running whether on Facebook or any other source is not performing, rather a closer look at everything that I’ve explained in this post would tell you where the problem is and therefore how to tackle it and make the campaign profitable for you.


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