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The West Africa Bloggers Conference 2016, which is the second edition has come and gone, but the memory of the programme would continue to live with us as it was as educative and informative as the maiden edition, which was held in 2015.

The programme took place at Berkeley Hotel on Isaac John street at Ikeja G.R.A. on the 22nd and 23rd day of January, 2016. It is a programme put together by the owners of Advert Strikers and GistMate and was sponsored by the following corporate organisations

  • MTN Nigeria
  • Google Nigeria
  • Spectranet
  • Fidson

The speakers include

  • Mr. Ayo Oyebade – CEO Advert Strikers & Gist Mate
  • Mr. Abdul Salam – Analytical Lead, Google Nigeria
  • Mr. Adebayo Owolabi – CEO Triple A Outdoor Ad Agency
  • Mr. Oladimeji Oluyebo – Branding Specialist
  • Mr. Stephen Akintayo – Top digital marketer
  • Mr. Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade – Communications Manager, Google West Africa
  • Mr. Segun Ogunlana – Founder, Afripreneur

Talks were also delivered by some fast-growing bloggers, which include

So, I’m going to share with you a summary of everything that we learnt from the conference in 35 concise points

  1. Register your business and set up a domain name that depicts exactly what your blog is about.
  2. Be responsible with what you put on social media – Ifeanyi Aniagoh.
  3. You can change what interests people from bad news to something good – Ifeanyi Aniagoh.
  4. Have a passion for what you are doing.
  5. Create a niche for yourself.
  6. Stick to the niche.
  7. Be unique & professional.
  8. Respond quickly to trends.
  9. Reach out to experts.
  10. Invest in creative content.
  11. Build a relationship and loyal audience.
  12. A blogger must be a good writer.
  13. A blogger must be a writer of sound and good content.
  14. A blogger must be trendy & IT-savvy.
  15. A blogger must have strong relationship management.
  16. A blogger must have a knack for details.
  17. A blogger must have depth on social media.
  18. A blogger must be able to manage success.
  19. Brand blogging is a business of TRUST.
  20. Niche means focus and also means to stand out from the cluster. – Ayo Oyebade
  21. If you don’t touch your customer’s heart, you can’t touch their pockets.
  22. Niche-blogging zeroes in on strategically-selected audience and makes you an expert in that particular field. – Ayo Oyebade
  23. Selling a product on your blog is a must.
  24. Create your own sales funnel.
  25. Sources of people into your sales funnel include landing pages, review pages, blog posts, widgets and blog headers and footers.
  26. All your blog pages must have title tags.
  27. Your title should be a maximum of sixty (60) characters.
  28. Distil phrases in your page titles and make sure they all make sense standing alone.
  29. Make sure all the images on your blog have an “alt” and “title” attribute.
  30. The 5 W’s and H must be in a story (Where, What, Who, When, Whom & How).
  31. You need a strong or at least a good financial education.
  32. A blogger is a celebrity, so celebrate yourself.
  33. Create a business plan for your blog / business.
  34. Elements of a business plan include
    – Executive summary
    – Company description
    – Product/Services
    – Market analysis
    – Strategy & Implementation
    – Management Team
    – Financial Plan
  35. These are the reasons why you need a business plan
    – To avoid the risk in pursuing the wrong opportunity
    – It forces you to research and know your market
    – To access the feasibility of your enterprise
    – To carry all stakeholders along
    – To plot your strategy and focus your efforts
    – To attract investors and raise capital
    – To attract a partner and management team
    – To determine your financial needs
    – To document your revenue model
    – To document your market plan
    – To understand and forecast staffing requirements
    – To understand and judge the success of the business

So, that’s a summary of everything that we learnt and that can be useful for you as well. MTN also gave out goody bags on each day of the programme, and I’ve shared pictures of the goody bag and other pictures from the event below. Enjoy.


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