Almost every blog has a comment box where readers can share their opinion and views on the topic for discussion. Being a blogger you love it when other bloggers and non bloggers leave meaningful comments on your blog. What advantages does blog comment have? There are blogs with numerous comments per post. It indicate readers engagement and sometimes it depicts huge followership. It is believed that such a blog with plenty of comments must be having huge traffic. Sometimes this is not true.

For those who knew me from my other blog which now has a new owner can testify that the blog do have lot of comments per post. It is a health blog but the blog daily pageviews has never exceeded 1000. Okay, just only once I got over 1000 thousand pageviews at one point in time. It was unusual traffic which I couldn’t trace the source. Anyway it didn’t have any negative impact on the blog.
Most times my fellow bloggers ask how do I get people to comment on my blog. Honestly, unlike some bloggers I’ve never given any incentives so that anyone should comment on my blog. Some blogger do it, they offer airtime and other items so that readers comment on their blogs. There is power in blog comments which some bloggers may not know. Those bloggers offering incentives are not just doing it to show that they are financially buoyant. It has a positive impact on their blogs.
Back to my blog, I didn’t do giveaways. I wonder what will I give out on a health blog? I know that these people won’t come back next time after getting what they want. Only loyal readers comes back and continue to leave comments on your blog post.
How does blog comments benefit your blog? I’ll tell you by using my sold blog as an example. No advertiser will want to advertise on a blog without traffic. My blog struggled to reach 500 pageviews daily. But yet I was able to get direct ads, sponsored posts and brand mentions. These 3 ways was how I made money from the blog. The comments on the blog attracted the advertisers. If they have considered my traffic I don’t think I would have gotten those deals. This present blog Mazinoblog is just less than a month old, but I plan to use the same strategy I used on my previous blog to achieve a lot of comments on the blog.
I guess I’ve said so much without answering the real question which is how do I get readers to comment on my blog. It is simple and doesn’t cost a thing. I join groups that participate on comment exchange. One of such is Bloggers Helping Bloggers on facebook. In the group there is always a thread put up for post sharing and comment exchange. You add your post and other bloggers does the same. Everyone is expected to comment on each others post. The basic rule is reciprocating.
Apart from Bloggers Helping Bloggers, there are other such groups which also does the same. All you need is to search for them and join. You can find such groups on facebook and linkedin. You should also comment on other blogs which are still growing, the owner of the blog is likely to reciprocate. Top bloggers hardly comment on other people’s blog.
It is assumed that blogs that always has much post comments have large readers. Therefore make sure you find ways of getting blog comments. The comment box is not just created to make a blog design look so good. Finally make sure you publish quality posts that are reader friendly.
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  1. Hi! Mazino we are in the same category and all you said here are true,
    I use this strategy last year to get 2 advertisers that earned me 15k just to promote their products with a well attractive article which i did perfectly.
    Let this post enlighteen our young bloggers because A lot! A Lot of them do think that commenting is just a waste of time.

    I appreciate this aspect of your write-ups

  2. Sometime last year I tried a fb group that does comments exchange but the members are not being sincere, I hope this bhb will not turn out to be like that unsincere group though for the past week I have experienced the sincerity on the members..

    There is no doubt blog comments attracts direct advertiser and this is What every blogger pray for..

  3. Comment system cannot be over emphasized as it exposes readers engagement, thus encourages more readers to share their opinion about issues raised. Makes blog more attractive to prospective subscribers and advertisers.

  4. Comments are powerful because sometimes readers can share their personal views, ask. Vital questions that wasnt included in the post, thereby making the blog both interactive and interesting.

  5. Blog Comments really do helps a lot, it also serve as an intermediary between the author and a reader in which the reader can leave a question concerning the post on what he or she is confused of.


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