Many bloggers on blogger platform have always find it challenging to upload musical content and other files on their blogs for others to download. Some have been asking me how can they upload music so that others can download without leaving their blog. I got a little trick that can enable anyone upload content  for others to download on blogger without been taken to another site.

This is how you can upload content (music both video and audio) and others will be able to download it.  Follow these steps closely.
Using your google account visit and to create a site.
How To Upload And Download Files On Blogger

You will see different templates, choose blank template. Choose your site name, URL and complete other required fields. Next click the create button at the top.

How To Upload And Download Files On Blogger
After that your site is created.

Click on create a new page. Click on the part I’ve circled with blue ink on the image below. That is the button.

How To Upload And Download Files On Blogger

Choose the page name you want. You can choose any name. I used zino for mine. Under Select a template as seen in the image below, choose file cabinet. After that click create.
How To Upload And Download Files On Blogger

This how your new page will appear as seen in the image below.

How To Upload And Download Files On Blogger
Now is the time to add the file you wish to upload and for anyone to download. Click on add a file.
For this sake of this post the file I used my blog page My Services.  I have uploaded the page content for downloading. But how can that will done on blogger? Well follow these next steps closely.

How To Upload And Download Files On Blogger

Use your mouse to right click the Download button and click on the copy link location.

How To Upload And Download Files On Blogger
Go to your blog and paste the the link in where you want it to be for people to download. You can link it to an image or text. Once anyone click on your download link, they will not leave your blog. They won’t be redirected to any other site for others to download. For example click My Services. What did you notice?

If you follow this procedures closely you should be able to add downloadable content to your blog be-it musics, apps and whatever else.

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  1. Hi! Mazino,
    You don't even know how happy I am today, I knew it took you much time to put up this great pictuorial lecture on Adding downloadle files to blogger.
    Thats remind me early this year, I created a music site for one of my clients, and i used this trick but on the way i was confuse due to wanted to embed the
    mp3 icon on blogger, either to play or download mp3.

    I will deeply appreciate if you can vividily settle that.
    Thanks for Sharing.

    • hello, am Timpec. I am a musician and have already released a song but am looking for who to help me promote it . please I can send it to you so you can put it on your website or blog and then give me link to share. I do have a mini blog but can’t upload music. my WordPress blog can’t let me upload music because I don’t have money to upgrade to a premiums level
      please I will be very grateful if you help me out in any way.
      my email
      whatsapp :+2349034317854

  2. Kudos to you for sharing this and giving a step-by-step outline. I'm sure it would be useful to many people. I however think that for someone that wants to run a subscription site that people would have to pay before accessing such content, he/she may need to use a paid service. Well done.

  3. Dear friend, i want to know from you that how can i upload applications apk files which are available on google play store to my blog that somebody can download it?
    Just as you uploaded music, i want to know hoe to upload apk files.
    Please reply.

    • Hello Kabiyesi,
      To remove blogspot from your site, you have to register a domain name and then point it to your blogger site by following the directions on your blogger dashboard. As for the Adsense, be sure that your Adsense account has been fully approved, then create an ad code from your adsense account and add it as part of your post to be sure it loads properly on your site.


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