When performing tasks in Microsoft Windows, you can save a lot of time by making use of some common keyboard short-cuts instead of wasting time moving your mouse around to control the cursor. You do not necessarily have to click your mouse to perform every action.

Listed below are some of the common keyboard short-cuts that would really come in handy

Ctrl-A: Select All

Ctrl-C: Copy

Ctrl-X: Cut

Ctrl-V: Paste

Ctrl-F: Find

Ctrl-H: Find and Replace

Ctrl-G: Go to page

Alt-F4: Close a program

Ctrl-F4: Close a program/Close a sub-window

Alt-Space then C: Close a program

Alt-Space then R: Restore

Alt-Space then X: Maximise

Alt-Space then N: Minimise

F1: Help

F2: Rename

F3: Search

F5: Refresh

F10: Show menu



It is very easy to spot other short-cuts. Whenever a menu is displayed, just look out for letters (characters) that are underlined in the menu items. Pressing any of the underlined letters/characters when the menu is displayed would be equivalent to clicking that menu item.

Another tip is to press the “Alt” key and look at the menu bar of the currently-opened window, some of the letters would be underlined and pressing that letter at that point would activate that menu.

Windows short-cuts are really what they are “short-cuts”, and mastering and making use of them would make your work easier and faster.

Good luck on your hunt for more short-cuts.

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