Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Money Growth

My opinion about the $3m-70% equity offer for is undoubtedly one of the biggest blogs in Nigeria. The owner, Azeez Makinde has not only built a name for himself with this blog, but has built the...


How to configure Google Accounts on your new Android device

For you to maximise the use of your Android device, you need to add a Google Account or Gmail account. Yes, you can do all the basic stuffs with your new phone or tab without adding a Google Account, but you would not be able to use services like maps, youtube, gmail or even installing applications from the Google Play store without a Google Account on your phone. Actually, the device prompts you to do this the first time you turn it on, but if for any reason you skipped it during the initial set-up, you can always go back to get it done.

How to set-up a blog



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