Tuesday, January 16, 2018

How to detect Adblockers and deal with those using it

The use of adblockers is gradually gaining a lot of ground and with the latest version of Opera and Opera mini browsers shipping with adblockers, its use is bound to take a jump.
Facebook-Adsense Advert Campaign Strategy

This is what to do when you think your Facebook advert campaign is a...

Bloggers write posts and then drive traffic to the posts through both organic and paid means, Facebook advert being one of the paid means. We also try to monetize the traffic from the advert campaign through...

Live chat for tech help is now available on Techrammer

Yeah! I've got great news guys. It's my pleasure to tell you that Live chat offering free tech help is now available on Techrammer and that I would be available at different times of the day to help you with you tech problems.

How to create a password-protected post in WordPress

In managing a Wordpress blog or website, it is sometimes necessary to create posts that you want to password-protect, and I would show you how to do that today as it is very easy to achieve this.
Moi with Mr. Ayo Oyebade

35 Things We Learnt From West Africa Bloggers Conference 2016

The West Africa Bloggers Conference 2016, which is the second edition has come and gone, but the memory of the programme would continue to live with us as it was as educative and informative as the maiden edition, which was held in 2015.

West Africa Bloggers Conference is here again in 2016

The West Africa Bloggers Conference is here again in 2016. This would be the second edition as the maiden edition was held in 2015 and everyone that attended would testify to the fact that it left a mark in their blogging lives.

How to add the falling snow effect to your WordPress blog

Yay! It's the festive season all over again. Christmas is in the air and a new year is just by the corner. So, to mark the season you can add the falling snow effect to your Wordpress blog and let your visitors feel the season that we are in.

WordPress 4.4 Clifford drops new features

My beloved Wordpress has dropped a new version and it's not only getting better and better, but it's getting sweeter and sweeter. Wordpress 4.4 has been...

7 WordPress Tips That Would Make Your Blog a Winner

Wordpress users out there are increasing everyday as it is a very powerful platform that is packed with lots of great features and is also easy to use. Lots of bloggers prefer Wordpress...

All you need to know about Google AdSense RPM (RPM Calculator included)

A lot of bloggers decided to start blogging so that they can make money from it, and while there are lots of ways to make money from blogging, a popular way of monetizing a blog is to display ads on your blog.


INEC Website hacked

The Nigerian Cyber Army is back and they chose to strike on a big day in Nigeria and on a big target on which there's a big focus today. They were able to hack into the website of INEC and deface it.



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