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I got a new MTN line a few months ago simply out of necessity and I was pleased to discover that I automatically get a 500% bonus on any amount of airtime I purchase, which I only recently got to know as the MTN Yafunyafun package.

The main reason for getting the SIM was to be able to make payment for my MTN Hynet router. I’ve used their online payment option severally in which I’m able to pay with my debit card, but trust me, I usually have my heart in my mouth when clicking the final “Pay” button as the payment has failed on some occasions with my account getting debited. This in itself may not really be an issue, because as a software developer, I’ve built and still building such systems, so I know things can sometime go wrong in this space. However, if there’s no button to click to requery the status of my payment and the only way to resolve the issue is to be sending mails “upandan”, which I may not even receive a response to in days. You call customer care and they tell you that they’ll escalate to the department in charge without any resolution in a long time, then I have to “borrow myself brain” (P.S: I still have a particular eleven thousand naira still hanging in their system since about a year ago). It seems the implementation of this payment option alongside their way of resolving issues is a bit faulty. So, I decided to try out the option of paying with my airtime balance as that is still in their ecosystem and I believe that must have been well-implemented.

All of this made me get an MTN line as I didn’t have one previously. When I loaded airtime for the first time and I got a 500% bonus for airtime, I simply told myself it must just be a one-time welcome package. Then I loaded again and I noticed the same thing. What’s more? The bonus airtime can be used to call any line in Nigeria. I told myself “I don hit am”. lol. I enjoyed the “awuf” so much that I even tried using it for an international call, but there was no luck on that end, they deducted the money for that from my main balance. Well, I can load 4k for my router, and get a 20k bonus that I can use to call any line, which is only valid for 7 days by the way.

So, I made it my main line for making calls, I can load N500 / N1000 and have N2500 / N5000 for making calls while the N500 / N1000 is moved to my Hynet account. Life’s good. lol.

I got so accustomed to it until a few days ago when I loaded N500 around 8pm, got my N2500 bonus, spent about N200 out of the N2500, but on waking up the following day and I checked my balance, I saw “Bonus = 0.00”. Chai! MTN don do me strong thing. The reality was that I have been suddenly migrated to BetaTalk without my beloved bonus. I wan cry. It was when this happened that I got to know that the initial package is called MTN Yafunyafun and you can only be on it for the first 3 months after getting the SIM. Well, I’m seriously considering getting another MTN line and ditching the initial one because life is good with MTN Yafunyafun. šŸ˜€

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