The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), which is the government body in charge of company registration in Nigeria has automated company registration process to a large extent. This has made registering a company fairly easier and this has also made getting information about a registered company easier as well with their Corporate Affairs Commission public search portal.

Before you do business with any Nigerian company, you may want to check them out a bit to be sure they are who they say they are. So, using the online portal of CAC you can get the following information about a company:

  • RC Number
  • Registered Company Name
  • Registered Address
  • Date of Registration

You may be thinking why would you need this. Well, check out this scenario; you receive a proposal from someone stating that they are company ABC and that they do XYZ and you would like to know if they are actually a registered company as you would like to deal with a registered company and not an individual, then this tool would come in very handy. Furthermore, with the verified RC number of a company, you can also carry out further activities in trying to verify a business. Well, CAC provided it because they found a need for it. So, take advantage of it when you need it.

All you have to do is go to Once the page has loaded fully,

  • Type in the full name or part of the name of the company
  • Click the Recaptcha checkbox to verify that you are human and not a robot.
  • Click the search button

The system would show a list of all the companies whose name match what you searched for. You’ll see the RC number, company name, address and the date of registration.

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