Whatsapp has introduced a video and photo status stream in the latest update of the messaging app, which allows you to post a short video or photo that appears for a period of time.

All the apps on my phone are on auto-update, so when a colleague of mine at work broke the news and I checked my phone, I immediately saw the new feature as it had already updated to the latest version, but I was yet to check the app. The status stream looks like a combination of the status update in BBM plus the features of Instagram stories where the video or photo disappears after 24 hours. The look-and-feel looks a lot like Instagram stories and the video player looks more like that of Instagram as well in which you can neither pause the video nor do a seek to any point of the video that you like, something I don’t like about Instagram anyways.

So, once you open the Whatsapp application on your phone, just tap the tab labelled “Status” to view the statuses of your friends and for you to post your own as well. The “Contacts” tab had to make way for the “Status” tab and you have to tap the icon between the “Search” and “Menu” icon on the top-right hand corner of your screen to access your contacts now.

Whatsapp Status Stream

You can upload an existing photo or video and you can also take a picture or record a video to be immediately uploaded as your status. With the introduction of this kind of Status update, I “smell” ads coming to Whatsapp soon as Facebook (Remember they acquired Whatsapp not too long ago) won’t be afraid to monetise the status stream. Let’s wait and see how it pans out. It would be good news to the ears of businesses that have long tried to target people on Whatsapp.

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  1. Mark has been trying to implement some cool new features but does whatsapp option on facebook makes sense to you, op sir?

    Well, so far so good, the Whatsapp team been trying. Showing ads would be the most disgusting act I would hate most.

    Nice one Tunde Faniran.

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