If you’re a blogger or an online marketer, you’ll probably know what SEO means but if you’re new, it’s okay. You can learn here.
SEO simply stands for Search Engines Optimization and optimizing your contents and website for SEO will give you a better chance of ranking high on search engines.
But what are the benefits?
1.) Website Optimization 
Before you think about what the search engines will give you, you have to realize that good SEO means your website will be fine-tuned in such manner that it will increase the standards of your website. Page navigation, page speed and accessibility are all important SEO factors. In simple terms, it will make your website or blog a better fit.
2.) Improved User Experience
Many web builders will probably think SEO is all about the search engines but in reality, it’s more for your users. Good SEO means that your users are having a better feel of your website. You’ll gain new fans and you’ll keep them coming for more.
3.) Higher Ranking 
Appearing on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing for a particular keyword gives your website greater authority over your competitors.
4.) Target Audience
Since you will be displayed for what people search for, you can be rest assured that you’ll be having the best audience who will be interested in your content and ads.
5.) More Traffic
Billions of searches are performed on Google on a daily basis. All you need is a share of your own search engine traffic. Your traffic count will increase at a geometric rate.
6.) More Subscribers
Remember that the audience are your target audience. This implies that they will most likely subscribe to your newsletter and you will making new fans for life.
7.) More Reach
Good SEO enables you to spread your tentacles across the world wide web. You’ll be reaching more customers across the globe.
8.) Unique Visitors
Imagine your source of traffic is just limited to your social media accounts, you will only be visited by the same set of people (returning visitors). However, on search engines, anybody at any time will search for your product, web page or services and find you.
9.) Reduced Bounce Rate
Another good thing about SEO is that bounce rate will be reduced. Since your page is well-optimized and you’re giving people what they want, it’s only normal that they will stay around much longer.
10.) It’s Cheap
Of all traffic sources, SEO is the cheapest. Running ads for traffic or buying traffic can be expensive. SEO on the other hand is very cheap and may not even cost you a penny which is the more reason why you need to invest in it more.
Feel free to add some of the other benefits you can think of in the comment section. Thank you.
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