Galaxy Note 7
Galaxy Note 7

The announcement and subsequent release into the market of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone was met with joy by a lot of Smartphone enthusiasts. However it is no longer news that a lot of the phones shipped with defective batteries and/or charging system, which resulted in the phone exploding or more specifically, the battery exploding.

Subsequently, the phone was recalled by Samsung. Those that purchased the phone in the U.S. were able to return their phones so that it can be replaced with a brand new one. (I don’t know of those in Nigeria. Though, I doubt it)

While Samsung is still dealing with the bad PR generated by this experience, there are reports again of the replacement phones going up in flames. There are five(5) reports so far of replacement phones catching fire. The fifth person to report this is a Daniel Franks in Houston, Texas who said he was at lunch with his wife and daughter when the phone exploded while it was sitting on the table without being in use. He further said that his daughter usually plays games with his phone and was wondering what would have happened if his daughter was playing with the phone when the explosion happened or if the device were to be in his pocket.

The saying “Once beaten, twice shy” still holds. Shipping out defective devices to users the first time may be forgivable, but to recall the device, replace it with another one with the new one still having the same defect is unforgivable. I am an ardent user of Samsung phones and I’ve only used Samsung phones since the days of Galaxy S2. So, I am a big fan. However, I have to state that Samsung needs to sit up, re-evaluate themselves so that they don’t end up alienating their fans.

So, if you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, even if you have replaced it, you may be a moving bomb.

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