Google Allo

Google has set out to compete competitively with Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram as they unveil their new messaging app- Google Allo

It won’t be their first time (they did fail with Hangout) but it seems they are set to challenge Whatsapp and Facebook this time.

The application is just around 10 megabyte and it’s available on the Playstore and Apple store. The number of users is increasing at a geometric rate and it’s getting good love.

Using The App
After installing the app, you get welcomed by a registration screen after your first run. In this page all you have to do is type your number and verify it.
After this, you get to take a photo or upload one for your Allo. Then you type your name .
By the time i was through with the registration to see 68 of my friends already on Allo,  I realized the application needs no introduction.

Google’s Allo is just another messenger in a crowded market dominated by Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, and Telegram. It will be difficult to compete but Google is set for that.

Allo stands out in the sense that it added an Artificial Intelligence Assistant into the mix. You can check football scores, news updates, and it can suggest important topics of interest for you. Though, the assistant is still in beta but it’s currently doing a very good job. You can have an actial conversation with it and you’ll almost have the feeling of talking to a human being on the other end.

Another feature that requires introduction is chatting in Incognito mode. Chat and your messages are cleared. End-to-End encryption is also in place. Kudos to Google.

Doodles and annotation is another feature I love on Allo. It’s not new but having it on a messenger sure makes life easy. These can make nice captions which we’ve all come to love and, you can have more fun with it chatting with your friends.

One other thing Allo emphasises on is Emojis. That’s where the world is heading and Allo is not left behind.

You can block contacts, easily communicate with those on your friend list, message them at ease, create groups…. just to mention a few features.

Allo is nothing so special and it’s not meant to be. Keep it simple, real and effective seems to be Google’s plan and I have a feeling it will work. I can see it competing with Whatsapp, Facebook messenger and others.

Google Allo is here to stay and it will soon become a household commodity that needs no introduction

In a couple of years, we will know how everything will turn out but before that, so, welcome Allo.

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