So you’ve probably been wondering about the Google Allo love. It’s almost like everyone is now in love and into Allo.

But I know have also been wondering ‘How do I use Allo’? Well, worry no more. I will show you everything in steps.

1. Install from the Playstore
Go to the Google Play store, search for ‘Allo’. You will see the 10mb app. There are not many iterations of it. In fact, none so far. Simply click to install and download.

2. Run The App
It’s as easy as cooking Indomie noddles. Just click on open. The application will open and you can easily see the first welcome screen

3. Verify your Number
Google has already integrated your Gmail into Allo but it still needs you to verify your phone number. It will also automatically detect your country and gives you a box to input your phone number. Relax, It’s no big deal. Just type in your phone number.

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4. Enter Your Code
In a matter of seconds, a text message with a pin will enter your phone. Input it. This doesn’t take much time.

5. Snap A Selfie For Your Profile
It’s a selfie world and Google was quick to realize that with Allo. I didn’t take a selfie though (I wasn’t looking the best me. lol). I selected the option to upload a photo from my phone storage. You can also choose to skip this step if you wish.

6. Your Profile
Well, your profile is almost set, but erm… you have to input your name. Just type in your name and you’re good to go.

7. Welcome to Allo
This is invented by me. Google says nothing of such but maybe they should have. Your profile is set and you can start messaging.

By default, you will see google assistant, send a message and start a chat with you.

Send an ‘Allo’ to someone 😂

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