Like dogs to bones many of us are stuck on our phones and we are not to be blamed. Mobile phones have replaced many devices in our modern lives in a plethora of ways.
We are phone addicts and we have every right to be. In fact, I’m typing this on my phone.

However there’s more to life and therefore a need to stay free of phones at times. Slowly, we are getting addicted to phones and we are missing all other fun in life.

Here I will list 7 ways to curb phone addiction

1.) Switch Off Your Phone
Nowadays, most of us have our phones on 24/7. In fact, I’m guilty of this. For the past 7 days, my phone hasn’t been off for an hour. Sometimes however, we need to just switch our phones off especially when going to bed. You can even schedule an offline time for your device

2.) Going out? Drop your phone at Home
If you’re going out on a walk, it is a good idea to drop your phone at home. Going with your phones to all places can cause distraction and whether you like it or not, you will have to respond to a few messages, conversations or even calls.
But when your phone is at home who cares? You will be finally free. At least for some hours.

3.)Turn off your Social Media Notifications
If you’re a Whatsapp man like me, and you set all notifications on, you will never have peace. It’s not a curse It’s just a statement of fact. At any moment in time, I have over 300 messages from many groups and contacts. Imagine if my notification were to be on for Whatsapp? I disable notifications for Instagram, BBM, Google plus, Facebook and so on
For calls and messages however, your notifications can be on as they are more important

4.) Limit your Social Media Presence
Unless you’re a social media marketer like me, there’s no reason to be on all social media 24/7. I know it can be addictive but isn’t that what we are trying to curb?

5.) No phones during Breakfast
For me, breakfast is my most important meal of the day and I really hate to start my day having my meal with my left hand pressing the phone. Just don’t it.

6.) Setting your phones as Alarm? H*ll No!
It’s a tricky one but it’s also an excuse to spend time with your phone first in the morning. If your phone is your alarm, it means it will be the first thing you hold and thus you will have to look at notifications, check mails and this won’t help your phone addiction

7.) Leave your phone while Charging
Pressing phones while charging is a bad habit. Health-wise it is not advisable and even for the phone or it’s battery, it is not a good thing. More so, using phones while charging slows down the charging rate.

Apart from being addicted to phones, some of these 7 habits are bad habits that we need to curb.

Thanks for reading.

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