WordPress 4.6 codenamed “Pepper” was released by the WordPress team on August 16, 2016. As expected for every new version of the software, new features are introduced and improvements on existing features are added as well.

You are advised to keep your version of WordPress up-to-date for security reasons and to be able to enjoy the new features and improvements introduced. So, if your website or blog is not set to auto-update, then you should manually click the update link on your dashboard and update the version of WordPress running on your website/blog to WordPress 4.6 Pepper.

This version does not have a long list of features, but the new features are worth having and you would actually love them.

  1. Streamlined Updates/Workflow: When updating your themes or plugins, you won’t need to move from one page to another, as many of the functions can be performed on a single page. This would save you time and internet bandwidth as you won’t have to wait for the whole page to refresh and load page assets that have been loaded before all over again.
  2. Native Fonts: WordPress now makes use of fonts that you already have installed on your system, which makes it load faster for your use.
  3. Inline Link-checker: Some improvements have been made to the editor to help you put out correct content out there. When you try to add a link to your post, WordPress, checks the link and reports to you if it’s a broken link, so that you can quickly fix it and move on.
  4. Content Recovery: Your new posts are now saved in your browser so that if your internet connection goes off in the middle of composing, you won’t lose your work as the one saved in your browser can be recovered for you and you can continue and finish up your work.
  5. Under-The-Hood Enhancements: There are other changes made to the core of the system to improve performance. These are changes that affect work being done in the background and not visible to the user of the system, but actually go a long way to make sure the user has the best experience with the system.

See the release video below.


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