The 17 smartphones regarded as the best in the world was selected from the vast array of high-end phones that have now flooded our markets. Selecting some of them wasn’t an easy feat, but I have been able to put this list together based on my own opinion.

Some of these smartphones may be similar in their hardware configuration or the operating systems running on them. However, each one is different from the other and actually unique in its own right based on their physical outlook and how they perform as well.

Now check out the 17 smartphones regarded as the best in the world

17. BlackBerry Passport:

This is a phone that is a clear deviation from the physical look of all other Blackberry devices before it. With its physical keyboard and a fairly large screen real estate, the Blackberry is a sight to behold especially for Blackberry lovers.

Blackberry Passport


You can get it on Amazon, Konga or Jumia

16. Microsoft Lumia 950

The Lumia 950 is one of the best Windows phone you can get. It lets you connect to a mouse, keyboard and monitor and allow you run a toned-down version of Windows operating system. If you depend heavily on Microsoft apps, then this is the phone for you.

Microsoft Lumia 950


You can get it on Amazon or Jumia

15. BlackBerry Priv

While the Blackberry Passport may be a huge departure from earlier Blackberry phones, the Priv is something else entirely as it is not running the Blackberry operating system. It runs on Google’s Android mobile operating system, and yes you read that right, Blackberry Priv runs on Android. With its physical slide-out keyboard, it gives owners of this phone another option to type when using the phone.

Dedicated Servers from Liquid Web
Blackberry Priv


You can get it on Amazon or Jumia

14. HTC One A9

While it looks a lot like an iPhone, HTC One A9 is not an iPhone, but an Android phone with a premium hardware design that also boasts of minimal changes made to the Android version running on it, which makes it as close to Stock Android from Google as possible.

HTC One A9


You can get it on Amazon, Konga or Jumia

 13. iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone as always stood out when it comes to the smartphone game and this particular phone did not disappoint. Even though it is a phone that was released last year, it would still give you a very close experience to the kind of experience that you would have when making use of an iPhone 6s Plus and of course you would also save more money on it as the iPhone 6 Plus is obviously cheaper than the iPhone 6s Plus.

iPhone 6 Plus


You can get it on Amazon, Konga or Jumia

12. iPhone 6:

While this does not look too different from the iPhone 6s, it is still a great phone to have and no one would know that you are carrying a phone that is at least a year old. This phone is still a great performer.

iPhone 6


You can get it on Amazon, Konga or Jumia

11. Oneplus 2:

This phone comes with premium features, but has the price of a mid-range phone. So, you don’t get to spend too much, but you get a top-notch device. It’s made by a start-up in China and you can only order it directly from them.

Oneplus 2


You can get it on Oneplus’ website
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