GTBank recently updated their mobile banking app to enable the use of a 4-digit PIN to authorise transactions instead of the use of a hardware token.

With the introduction of a 4-digit PIN, customers of the bank now have the option to make use of either their token or their 4-digit PIN to authorise transactions that are being carried out on the the mobile banking app. The only option available before was the use of a hardware token, which means wherever you are, you must have your hardware token with you to be able to complete transactions like adding a new beneficiary for funds transfers, transferring funds to accounts in other banks or even to GTBank accounts. Though making use of the USSD shordcode *737#, can also help you to generate an OTP when you do not have your hardware token with you. However, generating an OTP using *737# attracts a charge of ten naira (NGN 10), which is a small amount, but one that you wouldn’t like to be incurring all the time.

With this new introduction, you can be rest-assured of completing transactions on your GTBank mobile app wherever you are without having to worry about your hardware token or the NGN 10 that comes with using *737# to generate an OTP.

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Using the settings menu provided on the app, you can easily switch back to the use of your hardware token, if you do not want to make use of the PIN option again. The way it is designed though, you can only make use of one of the options at a time.

To activate it, you would first of all update the app installed on your device to the latest version and then follow the prompts that come up when you try to login to your account.

I managed to grab a few screenshots when I was going through the process, which you can see below

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