A computer, camera and notepad
A computer, camera and notepad

A training on blogging and blog monetization is coming up between June 27, 2016 and June 30, 2016. This training aims to teach up-and-coming bloggers or intending bloggers the act of blogging and how to monetize their blog.

In recent times, a lot of people are starting to blog, whether for passion or to make money and there are still lots more that are planning to enter into blogging. However, due to the fact that there is no formal education centred around blogging, everybody simply do their own thing their own way whether it is right or not.

To bridge this knowledge gap, we have organised a training on blogging and blogging monetization to help spread the knowledge about blogging.

What do I get to learn?

This is the full curriculum of what we are going to cover during the course of the training.

  1. What is blogging?
  2. Blogging Niches
    • What is it?
    • How do you choose?
  3. What are blogging platforms and which ones are the most popular?
  4. WordPress vs Blogger
    • Merits & Demerits of Blogger
    • Merits & Demerits of WordPress
    • Which one should you choose?
  5. Introduction to blog monetization
  6. Blogger platform
    • How to set it up
    • How to get custom blogger themes
    • Customizing / editing blogger themes.
    • How to point custom domains to your blogger blog
    • Creating and publishing your first post.
    • Managing settings
  7. WordPress platform
    • .com blog vs self-hosted WordPress blog
    • How to set it up
    • Pointing your domain name to your self-hosted WordPress blog
    • How and where to get themes
    • Must-have plug-ins
    • Creating and publishing your first post
    • Managing settings
  8. Traffic generation
    • Organic traffic
    • Paid traffic
      • FB ads
      • FB groups
      • Adwords
      • Native Advertising (Content.ad, MGID, Outbrain, Revcontent etc.)
      • Banner ads on other blogs
      • Guest posting etc.
    • Backlinks
    • User engagement
    • Lead generation via subscriber list
  9. Search Engine Optimization
    • Optimizing your post title
    • Optimizing your content
    • Optimizing your images
    • WordPress SEO plugins
  10. Monetizing your blog
    • Adsense
    • Native advertising networks
    • Guest posting
    • Training
    • E-book / other product sales etc.
    • Corporate sponsorship
  11. Sourcing for current news
  12. Introduction to Google Analytics
  13. Introduction to Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools)

When is it going to hold?

It starts on Tuesday, June 27, 2016 and ends on Thursday, June 30, 2016.

Where is it going to hold?

We would be delivering the lectures through a Whatsapp group.

Who are the facilitators?

  1. Mazino Oyolo Kigho of www.mazinoweb.com and the creator of Facebook group Bloggers helping Bloggers (BHB), Writer and Social Media Pundit.
  2. My humble self, Faniran, Oyetunde.

How much would it cost?

It only costs a token of two thousand naira only (₦ 2000).

Payment Details

Latest by June 27, 2016, pay the sum of ₦2000 into this bank account

ACCOUNT NAME: Mazino Oyolo Kigho

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3019541963

BANK: Skye Bank

Once payment is made, send your name (which you must have used to make payment) to +2348105792124 so that we can confirm your payment.

For further enquiries, please call +2348105792124 or +2348053325153

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