The much touted Aso Villa Demo Day kicked off today in Lagos and we’ve seen lots of tech start-ups pitching their ideas to different sets of judges.

As seen on the website for the event

Aso Villa Demo Day is aimed at promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, job creation and economic growth through the use of new and emerging technologies. This event will celebrate some of the best Nigerians in technology innovation and creativity and also feature inspiring talks from thought leaders and experts from different economic sectors in Nigeria.

Contestants came on stage to pitch their business idea to the panel of judges to have the chance to be selected as part of the 30 people that would have present their idea to the president of the country, ministers of the federation and other investors.

The first day of the event saw various ideas pitched. From ideas that are just still that; ideas, to ideas that have been built into running businesses, those that are still being built and so on. Some sound interesting and exciting while some sound more like the opposite of that. Some sound like they are economically viable and some are not. There were pitches that are capital-intensive while the funding needs of some other ones are not so steep.

Some of the ideas pitched just to mention a few includes

  • HR Software by Talent Base and they are looking for two million dollars ($2m) in funding
  • TRAX – A tax collection system, which requires tax collection agents to go around with a device that is capable of processing payments, registering taxpayers into a central database and also taking biometric data amongst other things.
  • KITOVU –  An agricultural monitoring system that aims to gather data about farms, farmers, plants, plant diseases and so on so as to be able to preempt disease breakout and prevent cases like that of tomato scarcity that we are currently experiencing by sharing data and educating farmers and other stakeholders. It comes with a web app, mobile app and an SMS gateway.
  • A system that would enable people to ask for money gifts from other people. Yes, you read that right. One of the judges joked that, it seems the target market for that particular system are beggars. 😀
  • Agrimall – An online store targeted towards farmers to help them sell their farm produce without hassles.
  • – A blood bank management system that gathers data about blood banks and hospitals. It now enables those in need of blood to be able to search for nearby blood banks that have the blood type that they are looking for.

This is an event that holds a lot of promise. We are following it and will keep you updated. The next day of the event is Saturday, June 25, 2016 and would hold at Ventures Platform Maitama Abuja. The event was also streamed live and can be watched on the website of the event

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