Do you know that you can search for music online by singing any part of the song? Yes it is possible and there is an online service that enables you to do this.

There are lots of times that we have some old song stuck in our head and we are trying to recall the name of the artist, the title of the song or even the full song, but it’s just not coming out from where it is stored in that part of our brain. There is actually an online service that can help out in recognising the song. All you need is to remember a minimum 10 seconds of any part of the song.

The service I’m talking about is Midomi, which is a website that allows you to sing into a microphone connected to your computer and then Midomi carries out a search to help you locate the song. If it was able to find the song, the title of the song and the name of the artiste would be displayed alongside a play button that you can click to play a preview of the song, which is just a few seconds long.

In addition to the main song that was found, the service also displays user-recorded versions of the song if any, which you can also listen to by clicking its corresponding play button. Though, you get to hear a preview too anyway. Furthermore, the service provides a link, which you can click to buy the music if you wish to.

I used the service to search for the following songs

  • We are the world – USA for Africa
  • Redemption song – Bob Marley
  • Send down the rain – Majek Fashek
  • Oluwa lo pe mi – Sunny Ade (Yeah, I just had to try my luck 😀 )

It got the first two (2), but there was no luck with the last two(2). I guess because they are Nigerian songs for whatever reason. In essence, you may not be able to find your local song through the service or just any type of song, but songs that are known worldwide would likely make the cut.

Another good thing about the service is the fact that you can also hum the song if you do not remember the lyrics. So, the next time you need to recall everything about a second, all you have to do is remember at least ten seconds of the song, and then go to Midomi to sing and search for your favourite song.

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