Yeah! I’ve got great news guys. It’s my pleasure to tell you that Live chat offering free tech help is now available on Techrammer and that I would be available at different times of the day to help you with your tech problems.

As you must have noticed on the bottom-right hand corner of the page there’s a green bar that shows “Online” or “Offline” when you are viewing the site on a desktop depending on whether I’m online or not. All you have to do is simply click the green bar and then you would be able to chat Live with me and ask me any technology-related questions that you may have for me. You would have the opportunity of interacting with me directly and I would try as much as possible to help you solve any tech problems that you may be having, whether it has to do with a software, your phone, computer or an issue related to blogging.


Techrammer Live Chat on Desktop

Offering Live help brings to memory the funny experiences of some tech support guys, which I have compiled here

Dedicated Servers from Liquid Web

If you are browsing this blog on a phone, you are not left out of this as you’ll see a conversation icon at the bottom-right hand corner of your screen, which if you tap would open a chat window where you can also chat directly with me as well. This is a new addition to Techrammer that I’m really excited about and would really love to offer my help to you and add more value to the life of my readers.


Techrammer Live Chat On Mobile

If I’m not online when you come calling, you can always leave a message for me through the same chat widget and I’ll send you a response as soon as I’m here.

Thank you guys and I’ll be waiting around with my keyboard-itchy fingers ready to help crunch that tech problem. Chat with me now! 😉

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