It is now possible for you to dial a USSD code to have a token code automatically generated on the mobile phone number attached to your Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) account. So, for whatever reason if you do not have your GTB hardware token with you and you need it to complete a transaction, you have nothing to worry about as all you need is your phone.

Why do I even need a token code in the first place?

There are a number of actions that you may want carry out through GTB’s mobile banking application or internet banking that would require you to generate a code on your hardware token, which you would have to enter to complete the action. These actions include but not limited to the following

Dedicated Servers from Liquid Web
  • Adding a new beneficiary that you can transfer funds to from your GTB account
  • Transferring funds to other GTB accounts (Intra-Bank Transfer)
  • Transferring funds to accounts in other banks (Inter-Bank Transfer)
  • Hot-Listing your card
  • Paying bills like cable TV bills and others
  • Purchasing airtime for your GSM line
  • Opening a new account
  • Retrieving the details of your card and so on

The token was introduced as another layer of security to GTB accounts so as to prevent frauds from taking place on your account. If somehow, a fraudulent person gets a hold of your internet banking login details and is able to log in to it successfully, the person won’t be able to do any damage to your account like moving funds out of your account because a token code must be generated and used to confirm the transaction before it can be completed. So, unless the person is close to you and has access to where you usually keep your token or the person stole your bag or something similar, then there’s no way they would be able to get their hands on your hardware token and consequently be able to do damage to your account.

There are however cases in which your hardware token is not with you and you need to get a transaction done on-line, in this kind of situation, there’s no way you can get it done. For example, there was a day I travelled to Abuja and I wanted to book another flight that would bring me back to Lagos. It was at this point I realised I left my token in Lagos and I had to call my wife to generate a code on the token and then send it to me. However, with the advent of this USSD code, I do not even need to worry about carrying the hardware token around.

The story is enough. What are the steps I need to take?

  1. First of all dial *737*7# from the phone number attached to your GTBank account.
  2. You would then be prompted to enter your account number (NUBAN)
  3. Afterwards, you would be required to enter the last six(6) digits on your GTBank debit card.
  4. Voila! As long as you have entered the correct details in steps 2 and 3 above, your token code would be displayed to you right away.

You should however take note that the code is only valid for 60 seconds, which means you have to use it right away otherwise it would become useless and you’ll have to start the process all over again. Take note that the service is completely free of charge as well.

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