In managing a WordPress blog or website, it is sometimes necessary to create posts that you want to password-protect, and I would show you how to do that today as it is very easy to achieve this.

A few months ago I created and shared a video about “The proper way to create a new post in WordPress” where I explained in details everything that needs to be done to create a post properly in WordPress. The video pretty much covers

  • The title box
  • The main content area
  • Setting a featured image
  • The excerpt
  • Categories for the post
  • Tags for the post and more

However, in addition to everything that I covered in the video, I would also like to share with you how to make a post on your WordPress blog or website password-protected. Like I mentioned earlier, it is very easy to get this done by following the steps highlighted below

  1. Open the new post page by hovering your cursor on the “Posts” link in the navigation bar and then clicking the “Add New” link under the “Posts” link.
  2. Compose your post first by typing into the main content editor and doing every other thing needs to be done while creating the post as seen in the video that I made reference to earlier.
  3. Now, check out the “Publish” tab on the right sidebar and then click the “Edit” link that is displayed in front of the text “Visibility: Public”. Please, note that the default visibility for all WordPress posts is “Public”.
  4. After clicking the “Edit” link, the 3 different types of WordPress post visibility would be seen, which are Public, Password and Private.
  5. Select the option displayed as “Password protected”.
  6. A text box to enter the password would be displayed, where you can enter the password that would be used to protect the post.
  7. Click the “OK” button.
  8. You can now click either the “Publish” button or the “Save Draft” button depending on whether you are ready to publish it or not.

Once you publish the post, anyone that wants to access it would be required to enter the password to be able to access it. This is a way of protecting posts that you want to share with specific set of people, which you would need to share the password with for them to be able to access the post.

If for any reason you want to deny access to those that you have shared the password with, all you have to do is to edit the post and change the password to something else.

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