At the moment, a very trending term is Bank Verification Number (BVN) simply because lots of bank accounts have had restrictions placed on them because no BVN is linked with it. Therefore, a good number of banks have opened up alternative channels for customers to link their BVN to their accounts. First Bank is not left out of this exercise as they have opened up a web channel for their customers to link their BVN to their accounts.

It is very easy to get this done and lift any restriction that has been placed on your account immediately if you happen to fall into the category of those that were unable to link their BVN to their accounts in other banks before the deadline was reached.

Simply follow the steps below and your First Bank account would have any restriction placed on it due to not having a BVN linked to it removed automatically:

  1. Go to of warning: As you can see from the highlighted part of the address, the main domain here is the website of First Bank. Please ensure that you do not go to any other website to link your BVN as that may be the site of phishers and online thieves trying to steal your account details)
  2. Enter your First Bank account number.
  3. Enter your account name. That is, the name linked to your account.
  4. Enter your email address. (Preferably, the one linked to your account).
  5. Finally, enter your BVN
  6. Now click the submit button to complete the process.

Simple, isn’t it? Yes, it’s very simple. So, get on with it now and get it over with.

If you have a GTB account that you have not linked your BVN to as well, you can also check the following

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