Bank Verification Number (BVN) in Nigeria is now as important as anything you can think of as any bank account without a BVN attached to it can only receive credit and the owner cannot withdraw from it whether electronically (ATM, POS, web. etc.) or even at a bank branch. This is as a result of the directive issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria. I would show you how to attach your BVN to your bank account by simply dialling a USSD code on your phone.

I’ve talked about different methods of attaching your BVN, which you obtained from a bank to other accounts in other banks as seen below

How to link your BVN to your First Bank Account on the web
How to link your BVN to your GTB account over the web
How to link your BVN to your GTB Account on an ATM

All the articles listed above are for specific banks. However, this article is about a method that you can use to attach your BVN to any account in any bank by dialling a USSD code on your phone at any time.

To get this done, simply dial the code below on your phone


You would then see a list of all the banks available in Nigeria. Select a bank by entering the number written against the bank and then enter all the other details that you are prompted to enter to complete attaching your BVN to your bank account.

Please, note that the service may attract a service charge of just ten naira (NGN 10), but I think it’s a little price to pay for the convenience of being able to do this without going through the hassles of driving or walking to a bank and then joining a queue.

SEE: How to check your BVN via a USSD code

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