A bank account without a Bank Verification Number (BVN) can only experience a one-way traffic. That is, money can only come in but cannot go out. For you to be able to deposit money into and withdraw money from your bank account, a BVN has to be attached to it. So, if you need to access your BVN at any point in time, you can dial this USSD code to be able to view your BVN on your phone.

This service is provided by the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement Scheme (NIBSS), which is the body that is in control of BVN. This is all in a bid to make life easier for everybody as BVN has come to stay and we all do not have a choice but to get used to it except for those that do not have a bank account.

So, what’s the USSD code in question.

It’s quite straight forward. Simply dial…


and your BVN would be displayed to you.

Please, note that the USSD code has to be dialled from the phone number that you used to register for the BVN in the first place. So, do not go and use a phone number that is not attached to your BVN.

Kindly note as well that there is a service charge of ten naira (NGN 10) attached to this, which would be deducted from your airtime balance. So, use the code with care.

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