The popular saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” always rings true. Web pages rarely look good to the eyes without one or two pictures in them. Whether it’s a Powerpoint presentation, a flyer printed on paper, a billboard created with paint or an electronic one, there just has to be a picture somewhere in all of that for it to look good to the eyes.

So, whether you are a graphics designer, blogger, writer, journalist, Powerpoint user or whatever it is that you do on the web or in print, you would always need pictures to drive home your point.

Now, how do you get a hold of the pictures that you need to add to your material. You have the following options open to you

  • Hire models, photographers and also get a location to do a photo-shoot. This option is definitely the one for the “big boys” . This is the field on which the big companies play, and that is why you’ll see Glo, MTN, Etisalat, Airtel and other top brands signing on musicians and other entertainers as brand ambassadors and you get to see their pictures gracing their bill boards, flyers and the likes all around you.
  • Use your own digital camera or phone camera to take a picture of yourself or something around you. This is kind of cheap, but you have to be wary of the pictures you take and be sure it’s not invading another person’s privacy. You may also not get the best quality if you are not using a very good camera, the correct lighting and the likes.
  • Download pictures online. This option is the cheapest if used appropriately. However, most pictures online are subject to copyright, so, you can’t just pick up a picture from any site and use it as you wish unless you are licensed or authorized to do so. A lot of times, when you are allowed to use pictures for free, they are of low quality, low dimensions or even both in some cases and there are times that you are required to give attribution to the source.

So, where do you get pictures that are of high quality for free and that you can also use freely? I would show you four(4) websites where you can get such pictures, and I would end with the best one. That is, I’ll go from number 4 to number 1. Here it is.

Click Next to view number 4.

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