Bloggers and other website owners usually take their time to write great articles, but those articles, no matter how great they are would be useless if you are unable to reach the right audience.

Trying to reach the right audience has given birth to sharing blog articles on lots of social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and so on. Apart from the author or site owner sharing links to the blog articles on social media, it is also common practice to give readers/visitors the opportunity to also share the blog articles to their friends and online social groups at the click of a button.

Sharing blog article links to different social media accounts has also been taken to the next level as bloggers and site owners now want links to their articles to be automatically shared to multiple social media accounts immediately a new post is published. A number of WordPress plugins have been developed for this purpose, and top of this list is the Jetpack plugin, which I wrote about here.

However, when you set-up automatic sharing in Jetpack, the visibility of the link shared on Google+ is set to “Only Me” by default, which means, you would be the only one seeing the post and that is tantamount to not sharing the post at all as the essence of sharing is for other people to see the link and then click it to come to your site to read the full article.

There is a solution to this though, as the visibility can be easily modified and set to “Public” so that anyone can see the post whether they have you in their Google+ circles or not. The process for getting this done is outlined below

  1. Open your Google+ profile page
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Go to the “Manage other apps & activity”.
  4. Click “Manage apps & +1’s on posts”.
  5. Locate WordPress in the list and click the “Edit” link that appears beside it.
  6. From the displayed drop-down menu, select “public” or any other visibility that you desire.
  7. If you wish to select specificd  circles, then select “Custom” from the dropdown menu and enter the names of the circle that you want to share your WordPress posts with by default.

So, that is how to fix the problem of your Google+ posts not appearing to the public.

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