Since moved to and Bloggers’ Spotlight was relaunched, this is the first of the series and it features Dr ‘Malik Haruna King of See the full interview below to learn more about him alongside what he does and get inspired.

Can we know you? 

I am  Dr. ‘Malik. I am a licensed, practising Medical Doctor and Sex Therapist. I live and work in Bauchi State. I am also a published Author and Public Speaker. I am a Health Blogger and I also host my own Health Podcast Show. I am single and a proud Nigerian.

Tell us about your blog(s)

My primary blog is Mouth-to-mouth (with Dr. ‘Malik) — — a health platform where I give health tips, sex tips, and nutrition advice. It also houses my Health Podcast Show. And features my free and paid products (including books), programs (including online health courses), and services (medical consulting and health speaking engagements).

When did you start blogging?

Blogging started about 2 years back, albeit, casually. Active professional blogging, for me, started last year — about 1 year ago.

What motivated you to start a blog and what do you aim to achieve with it?

I started blogging because I saw the need for accurate, relevant health information and services. Most health information you get online, especially from the numerous, so-called health-blogs are simply unverified, unimportant and even dangerous health information from people with no medical training or experience (looking for financial gain!) It’s pathetic! You could toy with other things; fashion and entertainment, but not health! Health is life. I saw the need for reliable, proven, practical health, sex, and nutrition information; and that is why I started blogging.

Do you have blogger(s) that you look up to? If any, please, state their names.

I wasn’t taught blogging in Medical School! Obviously not! I had to learn. I learn and look up to many bloggers — too numerous to mention. However, Pat Flynn (of and Michael Hyatt (of have been my personal blogging models. Nigerian bloggers that have been very influential to me include: Dayo Samuel (of, Akahaan Terungwa (of, Abass Toriola (of, etc. These are seasoned bloggers that employ professional blogging skills and monetization strategies (beyond the common Google adsense blog monetization). They influence me.

What are the major challenges you faced when you started blogging and how were you able to overcome the challenges mentioned?

The major challenge I faced was getting people to become so interested in their health that they read my detailed articles. Nigerians would prefer fashion, gossips, and entertainment. They are hardly readers. I had to look for a way to make my blog posts scannable, simple-to-read, easy-to-understand, practical, and interesting while still making sure I never compromise the purity of the science and medicine. Presently, do I have any serious challenge? Maybe establishing a secured, payment system (for Nigerians) for my products and services.

What is the most painful experience you’ve ever had as regards your blogging career?

The most painful, so far, was when I spent a lot of money to buy a very expensive e-commerce marketplace theme (and plugin) and I had to dump it because it didn’t serve my purpose and business goals.

Which experience gave you the greatest joy as a blogger?

My greatest joy, probably, was when I  got one of the most expensive WordPress theme (Get Noticed Theme) and all my blog activities and functionalities started operating seamlessly — both frontend and backend. Also, when I started getting ranked highly by Google for certain important health keywords.

When you need to write your blog posts, where do you draw your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from my hospital activities and surgeries. And, my articles are basically answers to questions people ask me off-line and online. I get the questions, gather them, group them, do keyword research and write blog posts (and record podcasts).

If I come to you that I want to start a health blog today, what advice would you give me?

I would ask you to get some basic health courses or certification (based on the specific health sub-niche) e.g fitness, nutrition, etc. Secondly, take a course on blogging (and the technicalities) like Keyword research, SEO, Article-writing, plugins usages, social media utilization, Monetization, etc. Third, start small and start now (and be consistent and focused).

When you are not working on your blog and it’s time to recharge your personal batteries, how do you relax?

I rewind, recharge, and relax in several ways. I do music — I play the guitars. I read a lot. I watch documentaries and movies.

When you get a positive feedback from your readers, how do you feel?

When I get a positive feedback — which, to me, is improvement in health and sex-life quality and knowledge — i feel excited, motivated, fulfilled, and gingered!

When you get a negative feedback from your readers, how do you feel?

When I get a negative feedback — I ask myself: Is this feedback true or false. If it is true, I learn, adjust and improve. If it is false, I ignore and walk away…whistling!

Every occupation has its occupational hazards. So, can you tell us some of the occupational hazards attached to blogging and how do we avoid them?

Hehhehe.. occupational hazards! Hmmm… I write in a personal way and so, sometimes, my private life gets revealed to the public. Some people use my flaws and vulnerabilities against me. I don’t care — I keep my focus and passion. People’s health and wellbeing is most important to me. Apart from that, I don’t think I can pinpoint any hazards o!

In five (5) years time, where do you aim to be as regards blogging?

In 5 years time, I should have few membership sites and Mouth-to-mouth (with Dr. ‘Malik) will be a syndicated TV Health show with online health stores and much more… that I will reveal with time!

Final words…

If you have any health (or sex) question, concern, or problem, don’t hesitate to contact me. Ping me on BBM (7F559CE8), send me a message on whatsapp (+234 7036635348), or email me:

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