On Wednesday, July 29, 2015, Microsoft started to roll out Windows 10 as a free upgrade as I stated in this article Windows 10 is around the corner. Get ready and I want to do a short review as regards my experience with it so far.

My own copy of the OS was downloaded on that very day, but I had to hold on with doing the actual upgrade because I was out of town and didn’t have access to my external hard disk to be able to carry out a back-up. In the other article mentioned above, I recommended that a back-up be done before doing the actual upgrade just in case anything goes wrong, and I wasn’t going to go against my own recommendation. I’ve got very important data that I cannot lose and besides I needed to work with the computer day and night and therefore couldn’t afford to not be able to use the system for a few hours because the upgrade is being done.

Anyway, I had to wait until I got back home on Saturday to first of all do a full back-up then I did the upgrade on Sunday. The upgrade process was quite smooth. Immediately I clicked the provided button to accept the terms and conditions, the system had to restart as expected and it completed the whole upgrade in one(1) hour or thereabout.

So, what changes have I noticed so far?

Well, I noticed a lot of changes both in the look-and-feel and in the performance as well. So, instead of pasting lots of screen-shots, I decided to go the route of making a short video so that you can have a good feel of it too.

Enjoy the video below.

If your device is eligible for the upgrade and you are afraid that the upgrade may break some things on your device, I would actually encourage you to do so because I think it’s a nice little piece big collection of software that you are going to enjoy using.

What’s more?

If after upgrading, you do not like what you see, then you have the opportunity of downgrading to the version of the software that you were running before upgrading to Windows 10 within one month after doing the upgrade. You can check the video on how to do this. I however doubt that we would have many people upgrading and downgrading again because I think it is actually a cool operating system.

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  1. good info..sir I hav 3 questions (1) how do i get it,should i download it on net..2) must i format my pc before upgrading if no can i use window 7 ultimate to upgrade..lastly am i going to loose my files after upgrading? thanks for your answer..I love techrammer

    • Answers to your questions
      1) You must be using a genuine version of Windows 7 and your hardware must meet the minimum requirement. That way, you would automatically see a notification on your status bar for the upgrade. You can also check the update section from control panel.

      2) You do not need to format your PC.

      3) You would not lose any files, but it’s safer to do a back-up before doing the upgrade.

      Check this link for more info

  2. hmm thats great thanks alot expecting to see the notification on my status bar though i dont know wether my hardware meets the minimum using ”Emachine” (laptop) model “e525″…God bless your hustle

  3. I dont know why, but I’m dont really like of upgrading OS, maybe cause of data loss, or adaptation, but I think I will try this, due to ur first impression…

    means next set of lumias will be on this platform…


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