The Blogger or WordPress argument has always been on and would continue to be for the foreseeable future. One of the points people argue about is the ease of posting on one platform or the other. I would however like to describe how to properly and easily create a new post in WordPress.

For some, the first question that may jump to mind is what is the big deal in creating a post in WordPress? Just go to the “New Post” menu, put in a title, put in your contents and you’ve got your new post. Absolutely yes, that kind of approach gives you a post, no doubt. However, the little details here and there if left out can make your blog not look okay the way you actually want it to be depending on some other settings or you install a new theme and your whole layout looks awkward.

Furthermore, if a new post is not created properly with all the little details added, people may find it difficult to locate the post on your site or it may even hurt your Search-Engine-Optimization on the long run.

I’ve had cause to try to explain how to properly create a post in WordPress to a number of people because they forgot to may be add the post to a category, tag it properly or most times don’t know how to attach an image or featured image as it is properly called to the post. I had cause to explain it to one more person and that is what inspired this post and the video I added to it. Yes, I’m done talking about it and I want to be able to refer people to this post and say “Hey! dude, go check this post to see how to do that”. 😀

Anyway, to the crux of the matter. For your post to be deemed a complete and properly created one, the following has to be in place

  • The post title
  • The post content
  • Category/Categories
  • Tag(s)
  • Excerpt
  • Featured Image

Depending on the plugins that you may have installed, you may need to fill in other data for each post. For example, if you have the “All In One SEO” plugin installed, you may need to fill the title and description fields provided by that plugin for each post. These information would be added to your posts as meta tags, which would be useful for your SEO.

You can view the video below, which shows how to properly create a post in WordPress.

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