There’s this idea I’ve been ruminating about for some time. Should I do it? Should I not? At the end of the day, I decided to seek the advice of friends on the bloggers’ group that I run on Facebook (Naija Creative Bloggers) and they gave their approval. So, now it is here for real. It’s the “Commenting and Social Sharing Contest” here on Techrammer and you can win a cash prize of two thousand naira (₦2,000) every week.

As for the amount, I just have to start somewhere and may be increase it later. I’m not yet Linda Ikeji. 😉 😀


  1. You have to first of all Like our Facebook page
  2. You have to drop at least one (1) comment per day throughout the seven(7) days of the week on different posts to qualify.
  3. You would also need to share the posts on which you dropped a comment on Facebook and other social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and others with the hashtag #TRCommentContest.
  4. You must use the same name and email for all your comments as that is what would be used to count your comments and also contact you if you win.
  5. The contest period starts 12:00 midnight on Mondays and ends 11:59pm on Sundays.
  6. The person with the highest number of comments within that period is the winner for that week.
  7. The winner for the previous week would be announced on Mondays.
  8. Once you are announced as the winner, you would be contacted via the email you added to your comment for your account details and the money would be transferred to your account instantly.
  9. To give everybody a good opportunity of winning, a winner cannot win again until the following month. For example, if you are the winner for one of the weeks in July, you cannot win again in the month of July (even if you have the highest number of comments in another week in July). However, once we enter the month of August, you can win again.
  10. The contest would run for the month of July, August and September, 2015 after which it would be reviewed and likely extended.

TIP: The more you comment and share, the greater your chances of winning. So, go beyond the minimum one(1) comment per day.

What’s More?

In addition to the two thousand naira (₦2,000) cash prize, if the winner has a blog/website, I would add a backlink to the blog/website here as a bonus. Please, note that the blog/website cannot be an adult website or one promoting violence, racism or tribalism.

So, start commenting and sharing and you may just be the one to go home with the prize for this week.

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