Blogging is ever becoming a money spinning hobby or profession. Some blogger talk about how  they make so much money from  google adsense.  Newbie bloggers want to do the same. Without adsense blogging is meaningless to them, hence they desperately need an adsense account. I always get so many messages on  facebook, BBM and whatsappp from bloggers about adsense approval. So many of them complain so bitterly that despite all that they have done  google continue to reject their blogs.

Google adsense

One particular blogger have continued to irritate me with phone calls and  whatsapp messages to help get his blog  adsense approved. I’ve repeatedly told him I can’t do so as I don’t work for google. Yet this blogger won’t stop disturbing me. I decided to write a letter for him to send to the adsense team. Below is the content of the letter.

My name is Adebayo Kunle (name has  been changed). I  have been blogging  for a year now and I have good traffic. I’ve applied for google adsense so many times but you guys keep rejecting my blog. You guys said I have insufficient content despite having over 1000 posts. Does google have its own dictionary? From all dictionaries that  I have checked I clearly understand what insufficient means.

Since you have you refused to approve my  blog I want to suggest something. What if I give you guys my blog login details so that  your experts can work on it. I  really need adsense badly. I  need to make money online. I’ve been spending so much on data subscription. I don’t have a job. Affiliate marketing is not working for me.

I seriously need this adsense . If  it means for me to pay I am willing to do so. I have Mastercard for payment. Please you guys should help a brother.

I hope to hear from you guys soon.

I know I was not fair here but I needed freedom from him. Whatever reply google gives to him, I’m sure he will stop disturbing me.
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