A lot of blog owners are very much interested in displaying adverts on their website all in a bid to make money from it and one of the most popular ad networks that a lot of bloggers are running after is Google Adsense. However, there are actions that you can take or best practises that if you don’t follow would get you banned from the program.

Let’s face it even most of those that blog for fun end up monetizing it and you won’t like to put in many hours of work per day, per week, per month and so on into building your blog and just when you are about to start reaping the fruits of your labour you got booted back to square zero.

At the point of applying to join the program, Google would ensure that you comply with the policies of joining the program before your site is approved. However, once approved, it is easy to start making mistakes (whether intentionally or not) that can get you booted out of the program. When you also consider the fact that once you get one of your sites approved for Google Adsense, you can copy the code and use it on any of your other sites, then it is fairly easy to use the code on a site that does not comply with the policies of the program and hence, get yourself into trouble with them.

Now, if after going through the rigours of making your site comply with the required policies, and for whatever reason you want to get banned, then just do the following.

1. My visitors are not clicking my ads. What the h*ll? I’ll just click ’em myself. This is cardinal sin number one on Google’s list because you are not the only one that advertisers want to reach and clicking the ads yourself would mean they are paying you without getting any value for their money. So, if you want to get banned from the program very fast, this is one sure fire way of getting that done.

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