Being in business goes beyond just making money, you need a strong online presence. Having a blog as an entrepreneur goes a long way to tell others how well and far you’ve gone in your business. There can never be a better way to do so. I have here on Bloggers Spotlight Jenny Chisom, blogger and an entrepreneur. She has so much to tell us about herself on blogging and business.
Jenny Chisom

Q. Tell us a little about yourself and your blog(s)
I am a Jenny Chisom, an enterprise blogger at and a PR blogger at, I blog about my passions. I run a small author service company and have focused on blogging as a development tool in the last 2 years through my LOGiN Blogging Enterprise Project platform, that carry out trainings and convenes the annually held Bloggers Party, Abuja since 2013. I have a background in language, literature and entrepreneurship management and love the power of network in impacting society.

Q.  How long have you been blogging, and what led you into blogging?

I first started blogging about my business in 2009 and it was at a time when I wasn’t able to pay for a website. So learning to blog that year helped me grow my business, so I stuck to it and have since made some modification that has led to the small strides I have taken as an entrepreneur blogger.

Q. How often do you work on your blog?

I blog everyday and engage people through my Facebook and Instagram accounts too.

Q. Is blogging your hobby or a profession?

It is a profession. Blogging has developed me the most and given me ‘wings’ to fly.

Q. What is the main purpose of your blog?

The purpose of my personal blog is to curb unemployment and inspire creative businesses especially showing how to start. While my PR blog just shows that side of me that loves to talk about good ideas people have come up with. I totally encourage industry and creative entrepreneurship.

Q. Apart from blogging what other things do you do?

I take that to mean aside blogging and training bloggers, (laughs), well, I help organisations market their product and services, so it’s social media management, and I also still help writers edit and package their work for publishing.

Q. How do you manage entrepreneurship and blogging?

It is not easy at all. Everything I do is entrepreneurship because I have moved away from thinking my blog to be a hobby. So I would say managing my blog, my content company and other organisations communication portfolio is driven by my passion and good time management which is possible by God’s grace.

Q. What challenges have you encountered while blogging and engaging in other entrepreneurial activities?

Time. Getting people to pay for services and funding are to 3! (laughs)

Q. Do you make money blogging?

Yes I do but not yet as much as I am worth because I am too soft-hearted. (laughing)
Q. How do you do so?
I train people on blogging and related stuff at a small fee, I get direct adverts for my blog, then I also get clients from my blog for my other author services and social media management jobs. Google adsense has refused to go through on my blog for now…(laughs)

Q. Did you design your blog yourself and how did you learn to design blogs?

My blogs have metamorphosed a lot in the previous years and yes I designed all of them by myself. My personal blog just got redesigned by a web designer, who helped me import a Bthemez template and tweaked the CSS to get the present look. It is on world record, that I do not like codes and technical ICT stuff…I stick to aesthetics and content and rely on my team mates for the rest. I learnt how to blog when my friend showed me how to use, then the rest I learnt to ‘doing’. I am very curious and adventurous, so I keep trying out new things all the time. (Smiling broadly)

Q. Most bloggers(s) have other blogger(s) they look up to as a sourceof inspiration, do you have any of such?

I love Shirley Eniang, and infact her blog inspired my new blog look. Yea! I admire bloggers like Linda Ikeji for consistency and passion, Bella Naijafor professionalism, and Steph Obi amongst others.

Q.Since you use your blog to project yourself and works, how do you drive traffic to your blog?

I drive traffic to my posts through key word ranking, social media engagement, and sometimes unpaid buzz!

Q. What annoying characters you dislike about some bloggers?

I totally can’t stand copy and paste bloggers. Bloggers who can’t write and when they do, commit grammatical blunders. This is why I say during my trainings that not everyone must blog. I also don’t like the fact that many bloggers don’t value their influence and are stuck up blogging as a past-time. But all these I try to address in my small corner using my training platforms to guide bloggers. I learnt by error and trial for 5 years, so not stingy with sharing.

Q. If someone is interested in blogging what advice would you give?

You are interested to blog? First, be ready to write consistently. Don’t think of making money. Then decide what you are passionate to share. Like Food, Fashion, Cars, babies, Women and so on, then further decide what aspect of your choice you want to focus on. Like Food review, Shoes in fashion, Fast cars and features, Babies and what to know about childbirth, Trending women in Nigeria and more…then send me a mail on and ask me other details. (Nodding)

Q. Finally what ways can we work with you as co-bloggers?

We can grant a city franchise of our training for your city and collaborate in our community development initiatives too. We can work things out.
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  1. It's nice to meet someone who's got the zeal and passion to blog and is also good at what she does. The responses are quite motivating especially for upcoming bloggers. Great advice here , 'know what you want to blog about and write consistently' it's just what most of us have been struggling with.

  2. Another Awesome Spotlight you got here Zino, Jenny Chisom!!! that name has kept ringing on my head since i hosted her on my blog during her #blogtour…. Shes really a Lady among Ladies (smiles).
    "I blog everyday and engage people through my Facebook and Instagram accounts" 101% true.
    keep up ma

  3. Interesting Mazino.

    Having read from start to finish, I must say I was really impressed by every word that came out from her mouth.

    Having being into blogging for a while now, i've got to meet a lot of female bloggers out there like Grace Joseph, Tope of toperants and now Jenny. The first impression usually was, "how on earth do they survive the stress?". But they've always bitten my imaginations with their achievements.

    Keep it up Jenny!
    Uche Francis


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