With the proliferation of smart phones worldwide and especially the Nigerian market, a lot of people have to save for a period of time or borrow money from whatever source that is available to them to be able to buy a smartphone of their choice or at least one that they can afford. However, you also find out that someone that struggled to put some tens of thousands of naira together to be able to purchase a smartphone still end up under-utilising it whereas you can actually get more out of your phone.

This post is about how to get more done with your smartphone. It is about how to stretch its capacity to the limit and get your money’s worth out of it. Don’t just buy a phone to merely make calls or send text messages with it. I sometimes laugh when I hear some people lament about how they receive calls from machines to market one product or another to them from their network provider when your phone has a blacklist option. It may also be text messages from their provider, which keeps their phone ringing at intervals, distracts them and also eats up their battery. This is an issue that can be dealt with by simply setting up the number as Spam and all messages from that number would go into the spam folder, and you don’t have to worry about any SMS from that number again.

I have aggregated links to different resources on this site that would enable you get more out of your phone and also get your money’s worth from it. See the links below and enjoy reading.

How to boost the speed of your phone without installing any app

How to activate Android Device Manager (ADM) on your mobile device and why you have to do it now

How to configure Google Accounts on your new Android device

48 Hidden/Secret/Backdoor Codes on Android Phones

How to check the Android version running on your Android phone (Screenshots included)

I would be updating this post and adding more resources to enable you get more out of your phone and stop wasting the money you spent on it.

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