In the last few years, there’s been an upsurge in the number of people that have taken up blogging either as a profession or as a hobby / pastime and an information gap has been created in the process, which (an online community of bloggers) is here to bridge.

Many have ran into blogging in order to make some quick dough only to find out that things don’t work like that. Some adapted and started doing things right, while some other ones simply dropped off the radar. Blogging is not available as a course in a tertiary institution neither is it available at a training school down the street. Therefore everybody has to learn on their own. The wise ones that quickly understood the essence of networking attached themselves to someone with the proper knowledge or researched online to learn from the articles written by pros in the field. Some were also able to combine both methods of learning.

Therefore, we can safely conclude that one can learn how to blog by any of the following methods

  • Learn on your own by experimenting with things to see what works and what doesn’t
  • Learning directly from a pro in the field.
  • Searching and reading (researching) through articles written by pros in the field concerning different problems that they may encounter.
  • A combination of the above-mentioned methods.

I noticed this information gap, so, I decided to start an online community of bloggers, so that this gap can be bridged or at least reduced to the barest minimum. It is a full-blown social network that is targeted towards bloggers only and would give bloggers the opportunity to

  • Interact
  • Share experience
  • Learn from one another
  • Get to know one another
  • Help one another.
  • Showcase themselves
  • Showcase their blogs and to also
  • Promote their blogs
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The site allows you to click on the “Follow” button of a particular user to follow that user and start receiving updates from him/her. The system also offers the following.

  • Timeline/News Feed: Your timeline is a flowing stream of your posts and the posts of those that you are following.
  • User profile: On the user profile page, you can view your profile picture, cover photo, blog URL, other basic information, and more. You can also make changes to your profile on this page.
  • Real-time Live Chat: What is a social network without the ability to chat with others in real-time? offers this as well
  • Offline Messaging: If a user is currently offline, you can still leave a message for him/her to view once he/she is online.
  • Likes: You can like the comments or stories of other users. As long as you are logged in, you are free to do this.
  • Share: We co-habit to share things with one another and same goes for the posts/stories of other users, which you can share to your own followers.
  • Comments: Whatever you or any other user posts is open to commenting by other users to keep up the conversation.
  • Privacy: This is very important and has been taken care of on You can easily modify your settings to ensure that you approve anybody that wants to follow you and even more.
  • #Hashtags: Hash tags make it easier to track keywords / topics. You can create hash tags. You can click hash tags to see what people are posting about it. Hash tags can also trend when a lot of people are posting about it.

Are you still reading this to learn more or have you registered on the site already? 🙂 OK. I’ll tell you more.

  • @Mentions: Mention other users in your posts/stories by prefixing their username with the “@” sign.
  • Notifications: The system would show you notifications on the notification bar at the top of your screen when somebody mentions you, likes your post/story or shares it.
  • Pages: You can create pages for your blogs or any other cause.
  • Groups: Yes, groups are available. Why not? Make it open, closed, or secret. The choice is yours to make.
  • Featured blogs: Your blog can be featured on the site and therefore enjoy exposure to all members.
  • Featured bloggers: If your blog is featured, why not you, the blogger. Featured bloggers have been taken care of as well.
  • Guest Post: There is a blog attached to the site and selected users would be able to guest post on the blog to teach others and also give themselves and their blogs more exposure.

Do you still want me to tell you more about the awesome features that are available on Arrrrrrrrrgh! Sorry friend. You have to go register and start enjoying it to find out more.

Sign up now to start interacting, sharing, learning, showcasing and even more.

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