The West Africa Bloggers Conference, which was organised by GistMate Communications Limited kicked off yesterday, May 15, 2015 and actually delivered as promised. The speakers that were present for the first day of the conference include

  • Clara Okoro (MD Brand World Media)
  • Tomi Ogunlesi – Brand Manager of First Bank Nigeria
  • Ayo Oyebade (MD Advert Strikers LTD and CEO GistMate Communications LTD)
  • Alaezi Akpuru (Style Consultant Jumia Nigeria)
  • Lanre Aina – Google Nigeria (Business Development)
  • Bayo Adekambi (CMO MTN)

Highlighted below are the major points they spoke about

A blogger should know the following

  • Brands want to create content
  • How to Gain Brand exposure
  • How to Engage & Educate
  • How to influence purchasing behaviour of their audience
  • Improve Brand discoverability
  • Know that there’s a responsibility on you for the nation as regards the content you put online
  • About 43% of Nigerians access the internet on mostly mobile only, 29% do mobile only, while about 5% use the desktop only. Therefore, the focus for generating content should be on mobile.

There are 3 classes of bloggers, which include

  • Creators: Those that create content fall under this category and they can be referred to as  “Social Currency Creators”.
  • Curators: These are the set of people that focus on copy-and-paste publishing. They take the work of others to use as theirs.
  • Cremators: They take the work of others and dilute it with wrong/inappropriate content, thereby destroying the work of the original content creator.

A blogger should be guided by these 4 M’s

Dedicated Servers from Liquid Web
  • Meaning – Give meaning to what you are doing and separate yourself from the crowd.
  • Management – Think and act like a businessman because Blogging is serious business. Try to create something that would make your visitors come back.
  • Monetization – You need to know how to monetize your blog and make money from it.
  • Measurement – Measure your progress (Alexa ranking, positive comments, writing mood and so on)

Other points worthy of note are

  • Be persistent with what you do.
  • The blog as we know it is a dying phenomenon that is gradually giving way to “vlogging”, which is video blogging.
  • You can create videos that can be monetized on Youtube and also used to drive traffic to your blog.

The quotes of the day were

Great writers dig, dig and dig until they find gold.

You either write something that is worth reading about or do something that is worth writing about. – Benjamin Franklin

Check out the slideshow to see pictures from the event.

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