Today there are so many bloggers all over the world. For every blog that is created there is a reason for it. Some people are into blogging solely to make money. They have read online how some bloggers are really making it with their blogs. For some blogging is just a hobby or a profession. Whatever the reasons for blogging if there is no passion, you may eventually end up quitting if things didn’t go right at the initial stage.

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There are still some who just like to own a blog and make an online presence. This was part of what made me dive into blogging. Back then in 2008, I wanted to make own a website just for the sake of having one. I was so young that I knew little about the internet. But I wanted to do something with the internet. So I started making research online. Most of my search results showed me about making money online with blogging. I didn’t know what is blogging but I’ve been reading so many blogs. I didn’t know that some of the sites I was visiting were blogs. I did further search on how to create a blog. That was how I came to know about wordpress and blogger. Creating a blog on blogger was not easy because I was using a mobile phone with wap enabled internet. So I decided to go with wordpress.
I created my first blog on January 23, 2009. The blog is still in existence but I have lost the login details. The problem I had was how to add content to the blog. I couldn’t understand wordpress. At that time there were less blogging tutorials unlike now. I also wanted to monetize the blog. I discovered that I can’t use wordpress subdomain for ads publishing. And besides I wasn’t understanding wordpress. So I opt out and decided to try blogger.  
Then, I was in the University studying Microbiology. My school had a very big cyber cafe where students can use to access the internet. Every student have their own username and password in which they can use to login and surf the internet. Some of the students weren’t making use of the opportunity so I requested for their username and password so that I can access the internet for longer period. As early as 9am I was always at the cyber cafe. Sometimes I missed my classes just to browse the internet. I knew I can never fail and I did not ever fail a course. I wasn’t reading, it was just the internet that was on my mind.

During holidays I don’t like traveling home, I just want to spend my time in the cafe. Even when I’m broke or hungry I don’t get worried as long I’ve the internet.

After acquiring little knowledge on blogging, I created another blog but this time on blogger. With just 5 posts I applied for adsense and got approved. I bet it’s no longer possible these days to get adsense with 5 posts with a blogspot less than a month old. Things have change and google is more strict than ever before.

I have adsense but no traffic. No one to click on my ads. I didn’t know anything about seo, backlink or traffic building. I was the only one visiting my blog. I was a loyal reader and follower of myself. But then it didn’t deter me from blogging. I was madly in love with having a blog. I was only maintaining friendship at school. Relationship was out of the way. I wrote “no time for love” in all of my books.

Toward my final days in school, I reduced my online activities as school pressure was increasing, lots of assignments, fixed classes, practicals and my financial strength was getting weaker.

Everyone knows I love the internet so they were always coming to me for anything that has to do with the internet. I made some bucks from the internet. I helped people source for academic materials online and they paid me. I love writing and can write on any subject. I helped some people write their seminar presentations, did their power point and I was paid.

At a point I wasn’t blogging anymore as things went so difficult. I deleted my blog and my adsense account. All I wanted was to graduate and leave the stress all behind but I had it in my mind that I’ll still go into blogging later.

After my graduation I went back home. This was the turning point of my blogging. I created a new blog on health, slightly related to my course of study. I applied for adsense and got approved with only 16 posts on blogspot. Soon I switched to a custom domain and upgraded my adsense account which was also approved. I’ve acquired so much knowledge on blogging. My health blog became so popular that I make some money from sponsored posts, brand mention and direct advertising.

I wanted to share my experience about blogging and other online related stuffs so I created MazinoBlog and sold off my health blog. It was goodbye to blogging health. You can decide to call me a “retired health blogger” but no pension. If you have a health blog and you need unique and original articles you can contact me. But I’ll charge a fee for that as I’m not writing a guest post. With MazinoBlog I want to focus on blogging, business, and other things related to the internet. 

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