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If you own a Twitter account, then you would definitely understand the essence of having lots of followers because that is the audience that “listens” to you. No one wants to give a speech to himself / herself. You want to give a speech to an audience. So, I’m going to explain how you can easily gain Twitter followers without spending a dime buying some bot followers that Twitter would later delete.

Now, enough of the appetizer. Let’s delve into the actual meal.

  1. Prepare your account for following: First things first. No one wants to follow a faceless egg-head that they know nothing about. So, replace the default egg-head profile picture with a nice picture of yours that clearly shows your face. Now write a very good & short bio of yourself so that those that view your profile would have a very good idea of who you are. Some people may even follow you after reading your bio and they like it. Well, may be if they like your face too.
    Twitter Egg-Head
  2. Use hashtags when you tweet: If you don’t have any follower, then you have no audience. It’s like staying alone in a sound-proof room and giving a speech, you are simply talking to yourself. However, when you include hashtags in your tweets, even if you don’t have any follower, anybody that searches for the hashtag would see your tweet. Consequently, some people would likely view your profile if your tweet interests them and may follow you as well. Trending hashtags would even give you better results because the fact that it’s trending means that lots of people are talking about it, therefore, your tweet would have a larger reach. eg. The tweet “I don’t have fuel ooooooooo! #FuelScarcity” would have a larger reach than “I don’t have fuel ooooooooo!”.
    Twitter Trends
  3. Tweet when most people are likely to see your tweets: You should tweet when people can see your tweets. Tweets in the middle of the night would likely not have a high level of reach. Tweets before 9a.m. and anytime after 4p.m. would most likely be viewed by more people because a lot of people would not be at their place of work at that time.
  4. Follow everyone who follows you: When someone follows you, follow them back otherwise they will unfollow you. Both of you gain a follower each at the end of the process, so, try to make it work.
  5. Tweet at celebrities and others with a huge Twitter following: Celebrities tend to have lots of followers (some buy followers to boost their importance though) and some other people have been able to grow their following to hundreds of thousands, so when you mention them in your tweets, they may retweet your tweet and even follow you if your tweet really interests them. When such people retweet you, your tweet gets a higher level of reach and the followers of that celebrity can view your profile and follow you.
  6. Follow the followers of your followers and then others: Just scroll through your list of followers and pick anyone at random especially those with a good number of followers, then start to follow them one after the other. A good number of them would likely follow you back. I use this particular method a lot and it has been very useful for me. You can also look through the list of those you follow and follow other followers that you find there.
  7. Search for keywords that interest you and follow other people interested in the same keyword: Searching for keywords that interest you on Twitter would show you people of like-minds. These set of people would likely easily have interest in you and are more likely to follow you when you tweet at them and engage in discussions with them concerning the keyword that you searched for. If you are lucky enough to be interested in a trending keyword, you’ll even have lots of people to tweet at and engage with.
  8. Unfollow those that don’t follow back: For those that want to be “forming” celebrity and not follow you back, simply unfollow them after waiting for a few days for them to follow you. It may not be easy to do this manually, so you can use tools like, and so on to analyze your Twitter account and see those that you are following but are not following back.

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    • That’s good. I would like to know how it has worked for you later as well. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  1. wow it’s working,after reading this particular article I just applied these tricks,you know what? am getting more followers day by day.tweeting at celebs and this hashtag of a thing is good!!!.keep it up

  2. I used this same method for mine since January and its rocking for me ever since I opened my twitter since 2013
    anyone that ask me how, I redirects them to this link cos thats how I got my thousand plus followers for free


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