No matter where we find ourselves whether in business, education or any other activity, we always have close associates. Forming relationships is essential to living and interaction among ourselves. There are always reasons why we choose to mingle with certain people in our lives. And for majority it’s simply for beneficial purpose. Bloggers aren’t left out, they mingle only with fellow bloggers who could be of great benefit.


It is true that some bloggers are considered as professionals while others as upcoming. In light of this status, noticeably many of these bloggers choose to have their own clique.

Money Making Bloggers

If you are not yet making money from your blog, you cannot be in the clique known as “Money Making Bloggers”. You can’t find this group anywhere. It is based on their interaction with other bloggers. They know bloggers that are making big time money from their blogs. Hence since they are also doing the same, like they say “birds of the feather flocks together.” They flow with themselves and help to promote their blogs.

Pagerank Bloggers

A blog can sometimes define the blogger. Behind a popular blog is a top blogger. It’s believed that a blog with a good pagerankhas authority and also popular. So when you try to form close bond with bloggers whose blogs are been rewarded with a pagerank by google you may be ignored. This is so because everyone wants quality backlinks. When a blogger whom blog has a PR 3 and another blogger has PR 4, they can one way link within themselves. But you whom blog is PR 0, you have nothing to offer. They won’t even visit your blog how much more to leave a comment. Rather you will have to add value to their blog by writing a guest post in order to get a backlink which can either be dofollow or nofollow. Don’t get me wrong, guest posting is very wonderful in getting the needed exposure for your blog. There are benefits of submitting guest posts.

It is natural for humans to display class distinction but that doesn’t mean it an ideal way of life. There are so many bloggers who say that when they sent messages to some so called top bloggers they don’t get any reply. Blogging is time consuming and bloggers are really busy people. That is the excuse, but do they ignore the messages that have to do with business? In total honesty they see these messages but because it has nothing to do with their bank account they deliberately ignore it.

I wonder which other medium does their advertisers and other fellow top bloggers do communicate with them. 

I can still vividly remember a top female blogger here in Nigeria that sent me an email. She needed an information from me on a particular subject. I got the email on a sunday morning around 7:30am. I replied her around 8am. She didn’t even reply back to say Thank you, I’ve receive your email.

Some months later I sent her an email and up till now no reply. So when other bloggers complain of been ignored by top bloggers, I know how true it is.

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  1. Who would've thought this also existed in blogging, but it does makes sense. I guess someday we'll also be probloggers and probably act the same way, just what money and fame can do.

    But you have to consider the number of such messages/emails they get in a day, it could even be upto 100 and overwhelming to start replying each. And for upcoming bloggers, we always need them to help us here or there, it might not be possible for them to reply all.

    Anyway, from this post it's the page rank bloggers I like better. They each have something that has the same worth which they can exchange. Nice way of categorising them.

  2. I have come to conclusions that every single thing in life is about class and ever since I believe in this theory I get no annoy when I got ignored by top bloggers cos they were once ignored by someone at the top before them.

  3. Like u said forming relationships is essential to living and interaction among ourselves, and there are always reasons why we choose to mingle with certain people in our lives which you explained well. Thanks for sharing.


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