Bloggers abound in Nigeria and the world in general. However, a lot of them seem to operate in isolation despite the fact that they operate at different skill levels. A gap (a deeper level of networking) was noticed, hence – an online bloggers community has been created by Faniran Oyetunde of to bridge the gap. 


BloggersLinks is a social network created specifically for bloggers and is meant to be an online community for those that are currently blogging and those that intend to blog later. The aim of creating it is to bring bloggers together so that they can interact, share experience, learn from one another, get to know one another help one another just like the facebook group Bloggers Helping Bloggers.
Some of the features and benefits of joining the community are highlighted below.
Blog Promotion is a full-blown social network and offers everything that we have come to expect from one. It uses the “Follow” system of connecting to another user and also offers the following Timeline/News Feed. All the posts of a user and the posts of other users that he/she follows are displayed on the users’ timeline.
User profile
The profile picture, cover photo, blog URL, other basic information, user posts referred to as stories are displayed here. It also displays, events and stories from pages and groups the user belongs to.
Real-time Live Chat
Users can chat with themselves in real-time.
Offline Messaging
Users can also leave messages for other users that are offline or not currently online.
Users can like the comments or stories of other users that they are following
The stories of other users can also be shared to one’s timeline.
Users can also comment on the stories of other users.
Users can control who can follow them or who can post on their timeline. They can also set whether they want to confirm the “followership” of anybody that follows them or not.
The system also support hashtags, which makes it easy for other users to search for a particular term or keyword.
Users can also mention other users in a story or comment that they are posting.
When somebody follows a user or a user’s story or comment is liked or when someone mentions the user in another story, then that user receives an online notification in that regard.
Users can create pages for their blogs or any other cause.
Users can also create groups, which can be open, closed, or secret.
Featured blogs
Different blogs would be featured and showcased to promote them on a weekly basis.
Featured bloggers
As blogs are being featured, bloggers would also be featured on a weekly basis as well.
Guest Post
Users would also be selected to guest post on the blog page to educate others and to also promote themselves and their blogs. There are lots more you can get from this community.
If you are a blogger or an intending blogger, now is the time to jump on the train and make a name for yourself in the blogging world. Join today and your blog would never remain the same.
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